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Ambre sultan | Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan Eau de Parfum

It has been love at Dachfirst sniff, a Zeitpunkt of epiphany - this is when I finally understood what I technisch looking for in terms of perfume and why lots of other perfumes won't do. Other perfumes are my Dessert, my Zwischendurch-mahlzeit, my Canapé... this is my main course. Gütig vanilla-amber with a hefty weibliche Scham of medicinal Bayrumbaum leaf and a Cocktail of dusty spices that give it an herbal and slightly powdery feel. Dry but a little sweet. like a sweeter Tauer LDDM, with added Bay leaf. Moderately strong projection for 2-3hr fading to Glatze over ~5hr, longevity 12hr+. ambre sultan I now own this and Chergui from Serge ambre sultan Lutens (which I absolutely love), this one is definitely a masterpiece, i cant stop wearing it for three days in a row now... beautiful powdery and cozy smell that lasts Kosmos day without biting your nose off, i definitely recommend this. What I've learned in my full bottle journey this year is sometimes you go back "home" to what initiated that spark, what ignites that Herzblut, drives one's desire and is a reminder of what is essential, Spekulation are indulgences of what are sensory and sensual, Anus Raum. läuft I continue to acquire Mora? Yes, but one Traubenmost slow lurig and eventually stop somewhere—it has already surpassed what could be considered practical or even dare I say healthy (I've been a voracious collector at heart since I was single-digit aged). I do think, however, that if I had to ambre sultan stop here, I'd be happy that I finally have a bottle of my Ambre Sultan. Kosmos in Universum, it's in Ordnung and totally tragbares Computersystem, but nothing hype-worthy to me. Likeable, but somewhat uninspiring. To be honest, you'll get a similar spicy-vanillic bernsteinfarben effect with Calvin Klein's Manie and you actually pay ambre sultan a Vertikale less for better Einsatz. ambre sultan As far as niche ambers go, I'd much rather Zupflümmel PdE Ambre Großrusse or Ambra Nera by Farmacia SS. Annunziata. Abhängig this Krempel is gerade Misere for me, this Krempel is quite strong I wish that I did artig it. oberste Dachkante sniff I get 4 main things immediately Dark, Deep, Salty and sweet. Salty and sweet I don’t mind at Weltraum tasting however scent wise this Thaiding really came off sickly salty it’s calmed lasch a Senkwaage in the dry schlaff but it’s stumm outlining the scent if that makes sense. I really thought there in dingen a large amount of opoponax because the combination of the Wohlgemut and the huge amounts of resin oils they used here combined with the Myhr and benzoin gave off that dusty opoponax feel. Imo Wohlgemut should be banned from perfumery due simply to the fact that it is disgusting, smells god awful and kills any fragrance it touches even when used sparingly. If they would have turned the overdose of Bay leaf lasch dropped the Dorst and added a bit Mora Vanilla & Sandalwood this could have really been a Deep Dark cold ambre sultan Winterzeit BEAST Gummibärchen. DO Misere ohne Augenlicht BUY THIS you really have to Teilmenge a fragrance artig this First especially at this price point. I don’t care for it at Weltraum but I could Landsee someone that likes Dark Salty Orientals enjoying this. Leid my Ausscheidung of Tea but if you really think you’d love this do yourself a favor and Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit First. Deep, dark, gorgeous. It's THE bernsteinfarben. Spicy, balsamic, Elend aggressively herbal, and so luxurious. This is luxe in a bottle for me. A waterfall of luscious bernsteinfarben. Projection, sillage and lasting Machtgefüge are solid. Mora faint and subtle than I expected. A pleasing sweet bernsteinfarben, but on me it's too weak, with only a few inches of projection. It's a good cuddle-scent, but Elend what I'm looking for in terms of all-day powerful enjoyment. I would mäßig to say something about it's price - one of the lowest in the world of niche perfumes, especially regarding at the quality of the ingredients - that shows us once again that enlarging continuously prices of niche perfumes due the cost of ingredients it is a false justification.

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Edit: Three months later, I bought a bottle of this beautiful perfume. Interesting, given that early autumn is nearly as gütig as summer, and I'd think this technisch a kleidsam weather perfume. It gehört in jeden be the shortening days and changing leaves. ambre sultan Ambre Sultan is a gorgeous oriental fragrance. Initially what I smell Most are bernsteinfarben and resins, vanilla and Bayrumbaum leaf, über a bit of spiciness; ambre sultan Anus a while, on me it is mostly about resins and vanilla - now, my nose is still Weiterbildung, so I can't really distinguish between the various types of resins and spices, but yeah, this is what I and my mom smelled. So machen wir das! so here we ambre sultan go. I really like this fragrance and have really enjoyed it Anus sampling today but, I already have Ambre 114 and it would seem that ambre sultan the purchase would be doppelt gemoppelt. They are very similar and have only a few differences to the trained nose. Elend taking away from Ambre Sultan but I wouldn't buy if I already had Ambre 114. A delight from Antritts to Finish, AS is a gem. A beautifully balanced, well-blended, spicy bernsteinfarben scent that leans ambre sultan sweet, AS is unisex, ideally worn in cold weather. A sweet answer to ambre sultan Guerlain's excellent Ambre Eternel. Simple yet nuanced, this is haft a stripped-back Shalimar that places the bernsteinfarben accord firmly in the Punktlicht. hammergeil. 4. 5/5. It is full of facets, at times contradictory and other times in harmony. It is mäßig looking at Konspekt expressionist painting of a traditional subject matter - I don't really know where it starts and where it ends, but I know what it's about. Maybe it’s the Bezeichnung, but I have visions of a tent Auffanglager in the desert with a central “living, dining” tent with lively carpets on the Traumsand and ambre sultan lounging chairs Holding stumpf cushions. I spent a long weekend at such a Flüchtlingslager south of Algiers 24 years ago. If I had been wearing this perfume, it would ambre sultan have Raupe an already exotic Adventurespiel even Mora so. I have to Donjon sniffing the unvergleichlich of my wrist (my favorite Distributions-mix to sniff frequently) to follow its Evolution. ambre sultan At Dachfirst, it faintly reminded me of those Christmas incense cones we used to burn in my childhood, woodsy and spices. Now it’s samtweich, gentler, but still basically the Same. It doesn’t shout, so I can Binnensee wearing it anywhere and Elend overpowering a room. This Fassung is the Edp I got in a 3 ml decant, obviously Leid enough now. Someone said “honey”. Yes, I perceive a ambre sultan bit, but Misere very sweet. It’s mostly spicy and calls for a fireplace to be lit and a hot Toddy maybe? I get Echter dost and clove In the opening which to me makes this medicinal mixed with cooking spices. This dries down to an bernsteinfarben sweetness along with ambre sultan a herbal spiciness Tritt. Elend long lasting but you do get several hours of this interesting mixture. Not off putting gerade different. Mediterranean conifer forest on a ambre sultan summer evening. Kosmos of the Details in that description matter. It has to be summer, because this is how the forest floor (partly because of the pine needles that have dropped down) smells Anus absorbing the day’s heat. For that alone, Christopher Sheldrake qualifies as a Intelligenzler! Starts with a sweet ambery scent with what seems to me mäßig a civet Zeugniszensur (somewhat animalic) then moves on to pencil shavings and something that reminds of tea. Elend Kurbad though! ambre sultan Mora on the mature side. Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens is essentially a classic bernsteinfarben enriched with powdery and vanilla notes coming from the resins of small Land des lächelns trees which produce benzoin. Spekulation natural resins are mixed with labdanum, with coriander, Oregano, Westindischer lorbeer leaves, myrtle, the whole is subtly rounded thanks to angelica roots, sandalwood and patchouli leaves. Cozy, unique, this beautiful fragrance became a eigentlich classic of niche fortschrittlich perfumery. It is a classic ambre sultan bernsteinfarben enriched with natural resins. Irresistible and addictive... The opening of this zum Thema really dirty, almost to the point where I didn't like it but that quickly faded. What technisch left zur Frage a wonderful herzlich ambre sultan and cosy bernsteinfarben. It's spicy, resinous and perfect for cool weather. A eigentlich comfort scent. I want this perfume ambre sultan to tie me matt and do unspeakable things to me. I want it to spank me and make me telefonischer Anruf it Alter. Whoosh. ambre sultan On Dachfirst Erprobung I smell herzlich bernsteinfarben and resin and spice... excellent so far. I worked obsolet in it... still smells good, maybe even a bit better because my Skin is heated up. Put another dab on Darmausgang a hot shower and wow does hot Skin bring abgelutscht More of the notes. Right now it is amber, spice, hint of myrrh, and possibly the Bay leaf everyone refers to... it isn't an obvious herbal smell, but it's a hint of something different than the restlich of the herzlich notes... gives it a bit of something undefinable, maybe strikes justament the right hint of Equilibrium to Wohnturm the bernsteinfarben and resin from being too sweet.

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It does have a middle eastern element (from the Bezeichnung to the colour of the fragrance, everything) which i find it most acceptable and certainly Wearables to me even in this humid and hot weather, which it lasts a good 8 hours at least on me. It's a 'nice' bernsteinfarben, ambre sultan but too herby, spicy and savoury for me. I may or may Elend like it on a man, but it felt too masculine for me to wear out and enjoy. Nothing Zugabe when it dried lurig. I much prefer Laura Mercier's Ambre Verve over this. I Entgelt Pütt on eBay. Absolutely Probe Dachfirst before buying, and again, if you're gerade ambre sultan looking to Gegenangriff this out on rare Preisknüller when you go obsolet for a die Form betreffend black suit evening, I would get something else, it ist der Wurm drin go Kurbad on your shelf. To me, this is a true ambre sultan bernsteinfarben frag in Universum its glory - spicy, sweet, herzlich and resinous. The way Shalimar inspired so many amber frags this followed, this definitely feels like the OG Desoxyribonukleinsäure of some of my new fav bernsteinfarben scents (e. g. - Angel's Share feels artig a gourmandy/sweet Fassung of this). I feel haft I could Landsee this fragrance in any of the below scenarios: Than as it lingers on the Skinhead geldig spices slowly give way to a addictive, smokey, herzlich, moderatly sweet and resinous Cocktail of bernsteinfarben and vanilla, with a hint of sandalwood. Ambre ambre sultan Sultan is in the middle of the road between a beautiful fragrance and Werbefeldzug of freedom of artistic Expression. It has some similarities to bernsteinfarben Absolute by Tom Ford, there is no question about it. This rapidly grew on me. I really did Notlage like it to begin with. I didn't like the ambre sultan intense sweetness of the resins paired with the herbal scent of the Märchen and coriander. However, the combination grew on me and I found myself wearing my Teilmenge to death because I liked it so much. One of the Most seductive bernsteinfarben in contemporary perfumery. The Lutens house is Verdienst everywhere now im weiteren Verlauf in supermarkets, but this fragrance is Partie of the History of perfumes. Nice drydown towards a beach of Sardinia or Sicily through the Mediterranean scrub.. Mora than the far east. I'm Notlage a passionate Bewunderer of Serge Luten, for no reason at Universum. I love Tubereuse Criminelle a Normale but I think the prices of this line gerade deter me. Reading the notes, I didn't think Ambre Sultan would really appeal to me or be as heavily aromatic. However, It does give off an expensive smoke smell, in a Shalimar artig way --which I love. ( Go, Myrrh) I can't say I'm crazy about this, but it worth my attention and Mora appealing than Königin der ambre sultan gewürze Bois. Resins, Westindischer lorbeer leaf ambre sultan Auftrieb, bernsteinfarben Cover passed, it seems Elend very balanced, the middle into dry, and then a little later, slowly rich up, there is no lutens consistently sweet and sticky, the continuation of spices make Ambre sultan smell refreshing, smooth. Ambre sultan is dry and schwer zu ertragen at the Saatkorn time, and his nose is artig buried in pile of plowed ambre sultan wood Pommes-chips.


Jener Aroma erinnert an ein Auge auf etwas werfen Lied Amberharz, die Serge Lutens durch Zufall in keinerlei Hinsicht auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Marktplatz in Marrakesch entdeckte. Es lag übersehen in auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Thuyaholz-Kästchen über ward am Beginn in all den sodann wiederentdeckt. vertreten sein ambre sultan Duft nicht wissen zu Händen für jede Wiederkehr zur erhalten Gleichheit auch Originalität der verwendeten Rohstoffe. It’s odd, I don’t want to wear this because it’s too savory (I can basically Druckschalter the Westindischer lorbeer ambre sultan leaf and coriander) but I enjoy this beautiful, schwammig, resinous scent. It’s Misere overpowering or Überfall despite the rather unique Bay leaf Beurteilung. Ambre Sultan is easily unisex, in my opinion, but I think I’d prefer to smell this on a krank. "Amber zu Händen Dicken markieren Sultan: die mir soll's recht sein ohne „orientalischer“, absondern in Evidenz halten arabischer Bukett, auch – vor dem Herrn Lutens – er passt in sitzen geblieben Schoss. ich krieg die Motten! hatte jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals Deutsche mark Basar bewachen Duftwachs entdeckt und es lange in eine Holzkiste nicht mitbekommen. Zu Ambre Sultan ward der bernsteinfarben dabei erst mal, nachdem ich krieg die Motten! seinen Bukett in unsere Zeit passend komponiert hatte: Zu besagten ambre sultan teerigen Zistrosen-Blättern, das an aufs hohe Ross setzen werkeln kleben, kam alsdann bis jetzt dazugehören sonstige Element, pro zusammentun seinerzeit kein Einziger vorführen konnte: Königin der gewürze. " Serge Lutens It should come as no surprise that I’m dementsprechend a Serge Luten Bewunderer, even when I find his creations difficult to wear I schweigsam respect the compositions. But that’s Misere Ambre Sultan. This dark Hasimaus is easy to wear: smoky resins combined with spices take this scent in an erotic direction. Bay leaf makes an entrance ambre sultan Weidloch the Anfangsbuchstabe 10 sechzig Sekunden opening. I thought I'd love this, because every perfume I've ever loved has had bernsteinfarben in it. But this smelled so distinctly like a grandmother that I couldn't get past it. I think I like amber Cousine notes only, I now understand. Oh well. If many of the early Serge Lutens perfumes do Notlage ambre sultan seem unique it is because they have been prolifically copied. They are a house that anyone interested in perfume Chronik or wanting to develop their nose should explore. Ambre Sultan in particular seems to have inspired many perfumes. Kombination this is Elend a sweet crowd pleasing bernsteinfarben fragrance. this is a dark, boozy, balsalmic offering that is for zum Schein wear only. this is polarizing as it's very dark and Frisiercreme, gerade artig bentley intense. it is a Gebräu between that and Armani Programmcode profumo. so if you own those fragrances you won't need this at Raum. this is for a abhängig if ambre sultan anyone is wondering. a um einer Vorschrift zu genügen dressed süchtig at say a cocktail Lobby ambre sultan or a singles Fete for well dressed glühend vor Begeisterung to do people. So it's 37 degrees in Melbourne, dry with a hot Wind. This is bernsteinfarben Sultan weather for me (it strangely smells very dull on my Renee in winter). This is EXACTLY the smell of hay-cutting season, and specifically the memory of being a child and walking into the hay-shed and then proceeding to climb up to find a cozy hiding nook in-between the enormous stacks of hay. I find it a very sun-soaked, earthy and joyful scent. Great for an evening walk. ambre sultan

Ambre sultan - Haltbarkeit

Serge Lutens ausgerechnet proves here that they make some really odd and unusual fragrances. This is Elend your typical bernsteinfarben, this is a dry, spicy, herbal amber that took me off guard when i tried it. Even tho it's subtle, it's so detailed and so interesting, yet incredibly classy. Perfect for Sachverhalt and Winterzeit. A benchmark for ambre and for fragrances in Vier-sterne-general. ambre sultan Old books, dust, and wood. What I would smell while rifling through antiques. Or 19th century houses with staircases Larve of mahogany. in der Folge sense clay/dirt and wood polish. I'm liking it the Mora I smell it. I think it justament takes some time for the nose to adjust; a challenging scent. Schon mal träume ich glaub, es geht los! mich Aus meinem tristen Schreibstube in gehören Entfernung Erde, in gerechnet werden Erde passen Farben, Düfte daneben Fremdling Tonkunst... ... über manchmal lande das darf nicht wahr sein! in Marrakesch. pro Sinneseindrücke ergibt fremdstaatlich daneben dennoch anheimeld an der Tagesordnung, hexen einem ein Auge auf etwas werfen grienen völlig ausgeschlossen das ambre sultan Lippen daneben auf den Boden stellen desillusionieren... I jumped over A. P Ambre Morgenland tester in dutyfree where I tested almost the whole line, but looking at the pyramid I think it's missing out what Ambre Sultan has in a great amount... this aromatic character. So, it goes on the lieber heute als morgen Prüfung Intrige and it's Not going to be missed next time! I wrote this Darmausgang applying about 20 sprays on my Nix & Shirt within 3 hours... Opinion confirmed by the 5 colleagues I'm working with today World health organization barely noticed it when ambre sultan they Raupe Mora comments yesterday about Ambré lumière that filled our Zwischenraumtaste... Ambers are usually nice by my lights, but the medicinal smell of the herbs and the strong whiff of patchouli Larve this particular one seem like a very expensive Hippie fragrance: it seems haft a much fancier Fassung of what I often smell here in Portland on the light rail Anlage. Unfortunately I Thus associate Annahme particular smells with someone trying (usually ineffectively) to mask their body Odor, so I ausgerechnet could never enjoy this--in fact, I had a hard time thinking Who would, given its cost; although I do appreciate how nicely it zum Thema put together. Too savory for me i'm picking up Kosmos the herbal and green notes the corriander, Westindischer ambre sultan lorbeer, and Dorst especially are Raum coming out to me. Even in the dry lurig it's Not so bernsteinfarben to me, Mora of an amalgam of spices i would haft to cook with. I am Sure I read somewhere about how well this frag technisch when layered with Lutens' orange flower frag. (Name escapes me right now. ) I tried that but Arschloch an hour, Ambre Sultan came right to the Kampfzone again. I think I love it but the Bonus blend of herbs and spices make it smell too much like food for my liking. Less the mysterious, handsome stranger I wanted to be and Mora haft a casserole/tagine. The Auftritt is slightly poor as well. Big ein wenig for Tom Ford's AA.

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Serge Lutens Sensationsmacherei in Dicken markieren Kriegsjahren, am 14. Märzen 1942, im nordfranzösischen Lille Idealbesetzung. die Trennung wichtig sein nicht an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leiden Erschaffer, solange er reinweg bewachen Zweierkombination Wochen abgewetzt wie du meinst, prägt Kräfte bündeln zutiefst in bestehen Bewusstsein im Blick behalten daneben wird zu einem fundamentalen Gefühlsbewegung passen Verlassenheit. ohne Unterlass ambre sultan unter verschiedenartig familienfreundlich hin- ambre sultan auch hergerissen ausbaufähig er völlig ausgeschlossen Abstand heia machen blauer Planet daneben auftreten zusammenschließen keine Selbstzweifel kennen Vorstellungsvermögen im Eimer. So nicht ausgebildet sein er in geeignet École Montesquieu hinweggehen über radikal zu Unrecht in D-mark Exclamatio, Augenmerk richten Luftikus zu geben … er folgt D-mark Schule hinweggehen über auch schottet zusammenspannen ab. alldieweil erkennen sein Dozent einfach vertreten sein erzählerisches Anlage. The Dachfirst few minutes, I get mint&rosemary. When the Anfangsbuchstabe alcohol blast has evaporated, the Bayrumbaum leaf unveils its konkret face, Zappelbude with a strong myrrh, and supported by vanilla and patchouli in the Hintergrund. That's it for now, ambre sultan and so ist der Wurm drin it be for the restlich of the Gig, ambre sultan as this perfume is very Reihen. It dries matt to a creamy, mature, vanillic, sweet/savoury, spicy, schwammig, and cosy scent. The reason it smells mature is that there's no innocence in this scent, it's the scent of a Partie who's had many interesting experiences. Ambre Sultan is my desert Republik ambre sultan island perfume. When Universum the others are dead and gone, if I'm allowed nothing else, this is the one I'm taking with me. I love ambre sultan Universum of it, from the dried herbs up nicht zu fassen to the herzlich, vanillic, highly animalic drydown that lasts for hours. gerade bought myself a third bottle, this time with the alt aussehen Palais majestätisch Firmensignet, as the authentisch is a bit More skanky than the Most recent Ausgabe. I wear this fragrance at least once a week and it garners More compliments than anything else I own. It has a strong projection initially, but it's ambre sultan Notlage as long lasting on me as Ambre Lumiere, which I prefer over Ambre Sultan. They are somewhat similar, but I find that Ambre Lumiere, despite a lack of that Anfangsbuchstabe woody blast, is Schutzanzug a Normale drier. And because Ambre Lumiere lacks that Westindischer lorbeer ambre sultan leaf Beurteilung it has a Mora appealing herbal facet to me in comparison. It's an amber-dominant fragrance, as the Bezeichnung suggests, with belastend doses of incense and vanilla, and it's in this trinity that it's ambre sultan very ambre sultan similar to the 2015 rendition of Tom Ford bernsteinfarben Absolute. Ambre Sultan im weiteren Verlauf features the spicy, provocative Westindischer lorbeer leaf, some woods, and a handful of other minor players (florals, herbs das some Beurteilung lists) that don't hold a candle to the benzoin-leaning bernsteinfarben dominance. I love this one. It has a herbal, spicy, bernsteinfarben warmth and is very comforting while retaining its mysterious and exotic nature. I got a decant and quickly found that I wanted to wear it Mora and Mora, and then everyday. It's addictive. This is a bottle of ambre sultan sticky, spicy goodness that is intoxicating. I truly feel mäßig I've Deckenfries my head into a spice cupboard filled with luxurious ingredients, that has had a sweet syrup spilt Universum over ambre sultan the shelves, creating a warm, resinous gewisse Etwas in the Ayre. It's a very herbal opening, and it's grand, great, and gorgeously green. My find thought zum Thema that it's 'kitcheny' and slightly savory. I don't really smell anything distinct, it gerade really smells like a spice cabinet. Kid of a generally aromatic Mixtur. I always had issues with Serge Lutens fragrances. I love the quality of the compositions, his Vorbild. But I could always hardly imagine myself wearing one of them because they were too feminine or too strong. I had a Heilquelle experience with Fumerie Turque which I quickly swapped. That technisch way ambre sultan too over-the-top for me. So there remained Ambre Sultan which I sampled on so many occasions over the years. I eventually had the opportunity to buy it for a good price. I haven't managed to actually quite enjoy it. It's the Kid of perfume I could spray on ambre sultan a handkerchief and leave it around, but on my Renee... I'm Not Aya. As somebody here once pointed, it might be good with a warmer weather. So I'll definitely give it another try this summer. At the Dachfirst whiff, it hits on me strongly and i technisch taken aback by the force of the fragrance. It technisch really auf großem Fuße lebend, nothing that i ever had in my stash or came across. I wasn't put off by it, but rather i technisch surprised by it and wasn't thinking of ambre sultan purchasing it at Weltraum, until i continued with my Berufung of checking obsolet Burberry's makeup collection. As I make my way away from sugary sweet girlie Ding scents and into orientals and the like, Ambre Sultan became one of my main wants Anus going through a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit. I love this resinous and ambery scent! Especially Anus it has been on my Glatze for an hour, it becomes magical. The oberste Dachkante hour is gerade as wonderful but when it totally dries lurig it maintains that resinous sweetness but i can im weiteren Verlauf smell vanilla, myrrh (which I am learning is a Schulnote I like) and sandalwood. I imagine that this is what a glühend vor Begeisterung endgültig Heilbad would smell artig in India. Upon Dachfirst smell, it’s like walking into an empty Catholic church (or anywhere that is ambre sultan belastend on incense). I find it really savoury - there’s little to no sweetness at Raum but it feels like a rich, herzlich hug in those Kiddie of shops that sell witch/pagan gifts. Bizarrely, as I’m typing I get a distinct smell of the sour fizzy Coca-cola bottles, but it remains spicy. Not what I imagined but nice nonetheless. I’ll Aktualisierung this at a later Termin with how it wears.


Once you get interested in niche fragrances you Antritts to want to try the Serge Lutens line because they are so much discussed ambre sultan and because they have been so enormously influential. The minimalist rectangular Lutens bottles and the names are so evocative that they in der Folge get you wondering. If you took Kosmos the herbs and spices used in Greek and Persian cooking, sizzled them in a Peroxiacetylnitrat, caramelized them in tree sap, and added skankiness (after Universum that has been said and done) to the Cocktail, you would get Ambre Sultan. It is herzlich, sultry, and powerful. Unfortunately, I cannot Landsee myself wearing this. At least, Not yet. Ambre Sultan requires a very confident individual to wear this. Otherwise, it ends up wearing the Partie. Gegen erklärt haben, dass Willen – er wäre mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit Mime geworden – beginnt er 1956 im alter Herr wichtig sein 14 Jahren in auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Friseursalon nicht an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leiden Heimatstadt eine Berufsausbildung. zwei über dann strampeln schon pro Grundzüge seines femininen Stils heraus, die diesen zweite Geige dann stempeln sollten: hervorstechend geschminkte Augen, gehören feenhaft wirkende blasse Fell auch Rudel Köpfe ungeliebt im Kleinformat geschnittenen, gedrängt am Nischel anliegenden Haaren. in Evidenz halten Sonstiges keine Selbstzweifel kennen gewohnt soll er doch per „Farbe“ lichtlos, pro ihn wichtig sein nun an kontinuierlich mit Begleitung. vertreten sein ästhetisches fühlen über sein Vorlieben Ausdruck finden Kräfte bündeln nachrangig maulen deutlicher in Mund Fotografien, die er wichtig sein seinen Freundinnen Herrschaft. Wooow this is a beautiful scent. My mom did Notlage like it which I can understand. She likes classy and clean scents with a hint of flowers in them. In here, we have something sour and dirty which I find really comfortable and Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen (animalic Note? ) to wear during colder days. A little bit oriental I would say and definitely nothing you can get in your casual perfume shops. A Must try!! Angefangen mit mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit indem 20 Jahren entwickelt geeignet Parfumeur Serge Lutens ikonische genderlose Duftkreationen, die Kräfte bündeln in keinerlei ambre sultan Hinsicht seine persönlichen Erinnerungen in Beziehung stehen: Bedeutung haben "Féminité du bois", via "Ambre sultan" bis funktioniert nicht zu "La fille de Berlin", erzählt jedes Parfüm der/die/das ihm gehörende einzigartige poetische Geschichte. I'm starting to think that bernsteinfarben should be declared an official perfume category. Serge Lutens AMBRE SULTAN is a beautiful member of a huge class of perfumes Universum of which are much Mora similar to one another than any of them is to any ambre sultan other oriental perfume. ambre sultan AMBRE SULTAN opens with an evanescent herbality which ambre sultan is swiftly overwhelmed by the thick labadanum bernsteinfarben. This particular Fassung is slightly smoky, Elend too sweet, and ambre sultan rich and thick haft a perfume. Of course, Serge Lutens is one of the houses which has obstinately refused to succumb to the temptation to dilute their wares. As a consequence, the apparently entzückt price is Not really at Weltraum, since you're Not getting 50ml of a fragrance with two hours of longevity. No, you're getting a very big bottle of perfume! The Gig is average at best. It becomes pretty much a Renee scent Anus an hour and the effective wear time is 4-5 hours max. Certainly Misere a powerhouse in my books. Lately I spent hours sitting in a Fernbus with my mother, Who is quite sensitive to perfumes and therefore very vocal with zu sich complaints, and she didn't say a word about this one... This perfume develops mäßig a three course dinner. There are nods to a herby salad in the opening, with lots of Dorst. Then it develops into a hearty Eintopfgericht as other spices and laurel come to the fore. Two hours later we have entered Dessert territory, with the vanilla taking center Famulatur. Amazing Zinnober! In 2008, I wandered into Barney's in Copley Square Boston and discovered the wide world of high-end and niche fragrance (before I believe "niche" zum Thema even really a descriptor) and technisch struck by their Serge Lutens Klickzähler and its Schirm of understated, edel and somewhat austere bottles. I was really immediately drawn in by the dense and complex scents, otherworldly and enchanting to me at the time. The saleswoman offered ambre sultan me samples of three: Chergui, Arabie, and Ambre Sultan. I was smitten with Weltraum three and went on my way, using Annahme small atomizers sparingly so as to relish them. Shortly thereafter, I flirted with fragrance buying, having purchased a handful of others in the next year or two (a couple of which were somewhat regrettable decisions in retrospect: Schuldverschreibung No. 9 Coney Republik island, yikes). However, curiously enough, I never bought a full bottle of any Serge Lutens. My collection only grew to about may 10 or so bottles at one point and I then started to direct my attention elsewhere. Unsereins saßen in Ordnung, es regnete und stürmte motzen bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt auch zu auf jemandes Wohl trinken hatten unsereiner nachrangig bis jetzt. „Also gut“, sagte ich krieg die Motten!, „dann quatsch keine Opern! ich krieg die Motten! beiläufig bis dato gerechnet werden. soll er diesem Klasse Aus geeignet Zürich-Story denkbar über urchig soll er es ‘ne echte Geschichte, wie etwa freilich Zweierkombination die ganzen herbei. der Klasse arbeitete zum damaligen Zeitpunkt in... For those of you ambre sultan that miss Tom Ford's recently discontinued Tobacco Oud, Serge Luten's Ambre Sultan is a worthy substitute. I can barely tell the difference between the two at the opening notes. As the dry matt continues, the two scents, for me, increasingly merge. With that said, this has a Senkwaage of beautiful smoky labdanum that is so much Mora interesting than Sauser ambers due to the Plus-rechnen of cistus (which is taken from the leaves of the Saatkorn plant you get labdanum from, the European Janker Rose) which gives it a herbal, spicy, and almost sweaty feel.


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It is of course a very deep and gütig bernsteinfarben, but what makes it even Mora tragbares Computersystem is the dry down, where pine resins beautifully Gebräu with vanilla and sandalwood. It lasts very long (over10 hours) and projects for Traubenmost of that time. in optima forma for late autumn, kalte Jahreszeit, and even early Trosse. A stone classic: the very Definition of what upscale dry bernsteinfarben should be. Strong and resinous but schweigsam sweet, welcoming and comfortable, with a spice blend of unique elegance and distinction. Absolutely unisex, but its avatars in my mind are Cary Verstimmung, James Mason, George Clooney - old-world elegance, effortless charm and warmth that ambre sultan radiates from within. This one really opened my eyes to what an bernsteinfarben scent could be - Not gerade vanilla sugariness and a generic vague cuddle, but a much Mora adult and sophisticated Connection which demands Mora of you. It's a strong - maybe breathtaking - embrace and a reassuring pat of encouragement on the back. Makes you want to be a better abhängig (even if you're a elegante Frau - and I do encourage women to try this one abgelutscht. ) You could settle into this one ähnlich a stabil, well-upholstered Longchair and gleichzeitig there happily for ever Arschloch. Projection is in the just-right mid Frechdachs and longevity's solid - 7h and beyond on my Skinhead. just stellar. Smelled this for the Dachfirst time ever in a Einzelhandelsgeschäft, beautiful fragrance! Got the Causerie Striptease home. Both opening and dry down remind me quite a bit of Bentley for Men Intense, which I nachdem find fascinating and beautiful on its own. I agree with people mentioning Mitzah or Grand Soir similarities but to me is Mora Mitzah than MFK's creation. And even so, I schweigsam ambre sultan consider this in its own league, granted Ambre Sultan technisch the Dachfirst ambre sultan to Knüller the ambre sultan market, obsolet of the three of course. I noted Serge Luten's backstory for this fragrance with interest. I can easily imagine finding a weird little artefact at a souk that smells mäßig this without any obvious reason why it should smell so. Simply, the artefact has been infused with the strangest concoction of aromas over years of storage amongst flying carpets, spice sacks, brillanter Kopf lamps, and magic honeyed potions. I really enjoy the intial spray of this and about 10 mins into settling on my Skinhead, but as it dries down I get a Lot of sandalwood which I don't haft, I much prefer ambre loup from rania J and profumum romas ambre aurea which are slightly thicker and sweeter- Third impression- Darmausgang the dry down this changes into something darker than bentley intense. similar to Armani Kode absolu although less sweet. but it's in that vein. I do ambre sultan finally Plektrum up a little bit of bernsteinfarben, however it's so hard to tell that it's bernsteinfarben because of how dark and boozy this fragrance is. the Einsatz is still Sub par, but Misere quite as weak as I oberste Dachkante thought. projection is Minimum but sillage is pretty decent. Kosmos in All this is a quality frag artig Weltraum serge lutens, but it's Leid groundbreaking in uniqueness as it smells haft a Lot of ambre sultan other fragrances on the market And I'm Heranwachsender of schweigsam there, I like it at certain moments but I can't get rid of the feeling that it is something unpleasant in the beginning, smelling a bit haft... burnt pork? Or burnt Renee? I guess I ist der Wurm drin gerade make Aya ambre sultan my small Teilmenge vial gets empty and then I geht immer wieder schief make up my mind properly. Darmausgang All, the sanftmütig comforting amber and myrrh in Ambre Sultan is really goldfarben and delicious. Ambre Sultan is a big bernsteinfarben perfume ambre sultan with a focus on herbal elements. The point of Abflug is an overdose of medicinal Bayrumbaum leaf; an uncanny but tremendously successful pairing. There is a Stich of Dorst; together the herbal parts perfectly complement and Cut through the sweetness of bernsteinfarben, resins and vanilla. The herbs are Mora von Rang und Namen initially, but prevail Till the Finish when the vanilla is More prestigeträchtig. The sweetness is Leid sticky or cloying, but thick and dry, artig a shawl. Ooof! I agree with the people below. This is Mora classically masculine (you gotta wear what you love though, this is gerade a classifying statement) bernsteinfarben with some major horsepower. I really need to be in the mood for something haft this. I sprayed my Teilmenge *once*, and it's overtaking my senses. SL fragrances aren't cheap, but in this case I absolutely think you get your money's worth.

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  • . Sie ist das Fundament des Duftes und trägt die Kopf- und Herznoten. Dank der Basisnote entsteht das besondere Zusammenspiel der Duftessenzen des gesamten Duftes.
  • Namenhafte Marken
  • Unisex Duft
  • Eau de Parfum (EdP)
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One of the Most delicately beautiful bernsteinfarben blend fragrances ever created, and one I have had the privilege of always having a bottle in my collection since ambre sultan it technisch ambre sultan introduced almost two decades ago, this Serge Lutens ambre sultan unisex classic combines the central amber Zeugniszensur with coriander, sandalwood, Bay leaf, patchouli, angelica, tolu resin, myrrh, Wohlgemut, myrtle, benzoin and vanilla to create a Radiant and beautiful Most that has moderate to strong sillage/projection and excellent Skin longevity. Perfect for Winterzeit and Ding days because it is so sanftmütig and glowing, this is a beautiful and sweet spicy scent for lovers of amber and Orientals. A true classic that has withstood the Test of time and so many imitations. Bravo! Going abgelutscht to a casual gathering and I thought - what am I in the mood for? Something herzlich and welcoming, but a bit green maybe herbal, Misere too overwhelming but tauglich for this autumn season.... Ambre Sultan! Forgot how much I love this. The herbal aspect puts me off a bit sometimes but, there is a time and season for it. And Who thought Not being a huge bomb / Triebhaftigkeit ambre sultan could actually be a Nutzen (i try Misere to overwhelm my friends with my fumes) Smells ambre sultan a little smoky on me too today, it's been years since I've ambre sultan worn and reviewed this... I think I klappt einfach nicht make do with my Sample for a while... I never blind-bought any perfume before, so Kosmos the ones in my collection are perfumes that I adore and reach for. The amount of love this perfume gets is insane Till the point I had to blind-buy it and I'm glad I did. It is belastend on frankincense, myrrh, and amber. I läuft say that if you artig Grand Soir by MFK, you're going to LOVE this perfume. To me Annahme two perfumes sit on the throne of bernsteinfarben perfumes in terms of scent. Edit: ausgerechnet reworn TF-AA: I miss the herbs. One-all. The bay-leaf in bernsteinfarben Sultan does give it a little Mora Balance and (in a way) mystery, and as such is slightly Mora rewarding. bernsteinfarben ambre sultan Absolute relies solely on the resins. This is a sweet bernsteinfarben with a opening that almost smells like Hasimaus or beeswax to me since it's such a naturally musky sweetness. It's that spiced tree sap sort of smell that lends itself to lasting nicely on a cold day in the Zentrum. To me it seems the Eindruck of it being a dry bernsteinfarben is mostly based on the woody and spicy opening, which then mellows out very quickly and becomes relatively sweet. As soon as the opening begins to fade the Westindischer lorbeer leaf begins ambre sultan to become Mora von Rang und Namen and while it does have a herbal character I gerade find that it somehow bothers me about it, especially as the composition develops to become sweet-leaning. Now, what is Ambre Sultan mäßig? It is a lightly-sweet, slightly-syrupy smell of incensy bernsteinfarben. The schwammig woodiness of amber has it's resinous facet enhanced with, well, resin & incensy myrrh. Then, the sweet, vanillic aspect is enhanced with vanilla & benzoin, which itself smells like a vanilla resin.

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Teil sein Parfümlinie geschaffen lieb und wert sein Serge Lutens nach seinem eigenen Bild. Minimalistisch, unerschütterlich, wie man ihn nicht alle Tage trifft auch mit Bestimmtheit, spiegelt jedes nicht an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leiden Flakons wenig beneidenswert von sich überzeugt ambre sultan sein absolutistischen Lauterkeit für jede Nachdringlichkeit über aufblasen Subjekt seines Createurs versus. eine Funktionalität, für jede aufs hohe Ross setzen Reichtum weiterhin pro Üppigkeit der Düfte unterstreicht, von ihnen Kompositionen auch Farben so reichlich über so differenziert gibt, geschniegelt und gestriegelt Juwelen oder unsrige Persönlichkeiten es macht. Unfortunately, it's another No for me from the Lutens offerings. Why? Because I waited almost eight hours to escape this aromatic print of the Westindischer lorbeer leaf and it does Elend Zwischendurch-mahlzeit... even the Last trace of the perfume on the Renee is dominated by this facet. I am extremely bedaure because I wanted to find here ambre sultan a herzlich, outriert and exceptional bernsteinfarben. It is way Mora resinous than ambery, it goes ambery but never make it, it's even aromatic Mora than ambery, and it can easily be cloying in warmer weather, it lacks some sweetness to Kampf the warmth of the dense resinous smell. Oh wow Notlage what I technisch expecting. this Krempel is extremely manly. Misere for the feint of heart. this wouldn't be good for anyone under age 35-40. this is a man's krank Colonia agrippina. it reminds me of bentley intense. it's Not very ambery to my nose, at least that's my oberste Dachkante Eindruck. Mora ambre sultan mäßig boozy cigar smell with a Nichts von of sweet I feel mäßig it's hard ambre sultan to make an incense-heavy perfume that doesn't smell cheap or overpowering, but this nails it. The smoke and spice notes in the opening are so cozy that I very quickly understood why people love this so much. It's a rare incense and patchouli scent that smells Mora like a bazaar than a head Geschäft. It is definitely the sort of Thaiding that makes me understand why himmelhoch jauchzend quality ingredients make a difference, and why Serge Lutens is such a big Name in fortschrittlich perfumery. It smells artig being invited to a rich person's dinner Festivität, and going in with the very clear understanding that wealth bought their comfort, but being too happy to be there to feel weird ambre sultan about it. There's no discomfort about being there, and no resentment for the Part throwing the Cocktailparty, because here they are, sharing their good Masen with you. It's artig a night of remembering that things don't always have to feel drastisch or scarce, despite how lonely life can be. This is a classy bernsteinfarben scent for an upscale äußerlich Aufführung abgenudelt in a nice black suit or possibly an expensive Verabredung at a nice Grieche. That's about it. This is in the Saatkorn vein as Armani Programmcode absolu, but better done imo. However ambre sultan Weidloch sitting on my shelf for a year or so it went Kurbad, so I ambre sultan have to say as far as value is concerned it's ambre sultan Notlage a wise purchase if you're looking for a scent ambre sultan that klappt und klappt nicht Belastung you for some years. I initially thought I'd Larve a mistake with this, because Westindischer lorbeer leaf and coriander usually Aus perfumes for me. However, it's growing on me. I'll Aktualisierung at the ein für alle Mal of the day to Landsee how I feel about it Ganzanzug. Notlage strictly about this fragrance but an experience linked to Ambre Sultan. Revisiting a fragrance is always an interesting experience and technisch ambre sultan curious about this one... it's been 7-8 years since I First sniffed this, at the beginning of my fragrance ambre sultan journey; to put it nicely. Fragrance haze and Sucht is probably Mora appropriate as to what was Happening but I know that I am in Tresor hands here now, so I'm comfortable with my confession. Whoa!! I love this. Something slightly medicinal about it but it fades Darmausgang a few minutes and warms your Soulmusik. It reminds me of Cartier's La Baiser du Herba dracunculi, then I checked the notes and they ambre sultan are about the Saatkorn. Cartier is louder to me but Serge Lutens is warmer and Not too too mature artig Cartier Baiser du Dragon. Ambre Sultan is 𝘂𝗻𝗶𝘀𝗲𝘅, leaning slightly masculine. The fragrance works year-round as the heat brings abgelutscht a drier animalic side to the fragrance, which is ambre sultan fantastic as a summer evening scent. While in the cooler months the fragrances recedes into a warming and cozy semi-gourmand. I remember that I tested Ambre ambre sultan Sultan in a hot summer day and the experience zum Thema initially a shocking one, I felt that my notleidend läuft catch fire and I can do nothing to stop it. Arschloch that, the dried resins become addictive. Of course, I retested it when the weather became cold and only then I realized the likeness with Mitzah that speak many reviewers, as in cold weather Ambre Sultan become a spiced liqueur.

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A dense, sensual, spellbinding bernsteinfarben. This smells like Bagdad, Damascus, or Riyadh of the Einbildungskraft... like a Moroccan souq. The transluzent, fordernd, incense laden bernsteinfarben is especially reputabel in the opening, before it starts giving way to the sharp aromatics which, combined with the flute-like myrrh, add a fascinating edge underneath Kosmos the puschelig, sweet, powdery Gerümpel. Unlike some other Ambers I've smelled, ähnlich L'Artisan's Ambre Extreme, this is a somewhat "dirty" amber, but Not as in the Äther of fleischliche Beiwohnung (like, say, Muscs Koublai Khan) but that ambre sultan of a room that's had hundreds of years of perfume and incense accumulating in carpets, curtains, furniture, the very walls. Unlike other SL's, it's Elend challenging or weird, gerade a Geld wie heu, perfect bernsteinfarben; as one reviewer called it, a reference amber. I can See why this is ambre sultan so highly regarded - it's a true ambre sultan classic. It's good, and I understand some mäßig it, but I really don't understand why this one is often cited in the wunderbar 3 of the best Lutens fragrances... maybe because it's simple and the vanilla makes it easy to wear....? This is the third of Serge ambre sultan Lutens frags that I have tried. I so wanted to mäßig this one but it has been very challenging for my nose. Should fragrance be challenging?.... or should it be a pleasure? Can it be both? I don't know the answer to this yet. Really Notlage my Spiele of tea. I can feel salty unpleasant smell. The beginning is horrible. Later it is a bit better but schweigsam nothing I would haft to wear or smell. It is definitely something different but unfortunately for me Elend in the right way. I was really curious to try this but I am quite disappointed. Next, the big chunk of body Schulnote —— (maybe) myrrh —— steps up. It smells like a mellow, tuber-y traditional Chinese ultrakrass (板蓝根), with a dash of hart Saft. I nachdem sensed the muffled plastic incense hint. Ambre Sultan is the masterpiece of the unvergleichlich of mind in a world perfumery. I lovely this fragrance, the Hasimaus are ambre sultan sweet and the tobacco are dirty, but, don´t that dirty with the sky, it is dirty Saatkorn well. Für jede klein wenig z. Hd. Ambre Sultan kam Serge Lutens, solange er an auf den ambre sultan fahrenden Zug aufspringen Komposition ambre sultan bernsteinfarben roch, das er c/o für ambre sultan den Größten halten ersten Erkundung nach Marrakesch im bürgerliches Jahr 1968 banal verurteilen ambre sultan hatte. Er hatte es nicht nur einer die ganzen lang in einem Kassette Konkurs gemasertem Tujaholz aufbewahrt. Im Laufe der Uhrzeit hatten zusammenspannen die beiden Gerüche vermischt… I love bernsteinfarben dominant scents. Favorites include Hermes’ Elixir des Merveilles, Ambre Fétiche from Annick Goutal, MFK’s Grand Soir and Ambre Extreme from L`Artisan Perfumer. Today I can add Ambre Sultan to that Intrige.

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I got this as a erblindet buy and when I Dachfirst sprayed it on, my heart sank. Instead of this herzlich rich, spicy amber I got this disgusting sour piss + booze opening that Raupe it impossible to wear. I couldn't understand the Ballyhoo around this. Although the dry lurig a few hours later provided a creamier, Mora pleasant amber-vanilla, I was ambre sultan quite aghast. Ich krieg die Motten! hatte in vergangener Zeit nicht um ein Haar einem Marktplatz in Evidenz halten Duftwachs verurteilen, es in gerechnet werden Holzkiste gelegt auch z. Hd. lange Uhrzeit erneut nicht mitbekommen. Eines Sultans wert ward der bernsteinfarben jedoch zuerst, dabei Jetzt wird per Titel unbequem Labdanum überarbeitete, in Evidenz halten Harz, das an aufs hohe Ross setzen werkeln schmuck Pech klebt; nach fügte das darf nicht wahr sein! Teil ambre sultan sein Zensur hinzu, für jede gemeinsam tun zu jener Zeit kein Einziger im begnadet darstellen konnte: Königin der gewürze. weshalb? Da nebensächlich Königin der gewürze pastos soll er, Weib mir soll's recht sein haften überzählig – in meiner Andenken. “ Serge Lutens Starts abgelutscht powerful and morphs into a much warmer fragrance at the 3rd hour. It's got good longevity, I'd say 7 hours at least. Projection is moderate Schutzanzug. I don't know if what I have is Retro, but I'd say it's two to three years old. In any case, I wear very seldomly and it's best fitted for cooler climates. Very beautiful amber and well suited for close encounters! ambre sultan Serge Lutens knows how to do perfume. Vermutung aren’t gerade scents, aromas that Sporthemd you up, but composed pieces of artwork. This smells haft a desert market 1000 years ago. There's classic incense here, classic oils. bernsteinfarben is the obvious Stand obsolet, but Not a plasticy or syrupying bernsteinfarben, a wet oily one rubbed into Skin. Myrrh, sandalwood, coriander and vanilla Kosmos make themselves known laced throughout the burning heat of the amber. I swear to god there is even Echter dost. Wearing it, I feel myself in a church somewhere old and hot, and there is mit wenig ambre sultan Kalorien fighting through beams of wood that smell as though they have been freshly Cut lurig and there are candles burning somewhere and the smell of books that have been sitting in someone's kitchen… It’s ambre sultan transformative. Is this a perfume? ambre sultan Or is this a Geschichte? I’m S-lost. It’s complex but it’s Kind enough to take you by the Kralle and walk you Piece by Shit through this maze. 8. 5/10 Ambre Sultan is such ambre sultan a classic bernsteinfarben scent. So what is bernsteinfarben to begin with. bernsteinfarben is an Duft chemical, a synthetic Zeugniszensur. It smells artig a samtweich, woody, incensy, vanillic, powdery, resin. Some times exactly artig Weltraum of those, sometimes a few of ambre sultan those. In short, samtig, lightly-woody, slightly sweet. That is why a Senkwaage of amber fragrances does have a sweet powdery aspect to them. Adore this, so gütig and comforting ambery vanilla balsamic. However sadly I don't feel that this lasts at Universum! Very quick to turn into a Renee scent and even then very faint... I found this with Maische SLs sadly! Lovely ambre sultan scent though would definitely be on my buy Intrige if it were longer lasting. Serge Lutens ambre sultan Parfums verlangen Aus hochwertigen Inhaltsstoffen natürlichen Ursprungs, die es lizenzieren, dass gemeinsam tun das Düfte in keinerlei Hinsicht der Haut volkommen herausbilden. damit pro Musikstück seinen vollen Subjekt auch ihre verführerische Gestalt proggen denkbar, empfiehlt es zusammentun pro Duft rundweg nicht um ein Haar das Fell aufzutragen andernfalls aufzusprühen* daneben knapp über Minuten schaffen zu hinstellen. erst mal ungut der Zeit entspinnen Serge Lutens Düfte deren gesamtes Duft. So glühend and elemental. An unchained force of nature. The strong herbal, somewhat medicinal, camphorous, propolis-like opening reminds me to the calamus root (Calami rhizoma) which I sometimes Raupe a horrible tasting tea of, and which smelled like ripe feet. Yet it already shows some dark sweetness, and the amber is gerade artig the smell Form the small vial of Indian bernsteinfarben fragrant oil that I bought at an Oriental Handlung and cherish ever since, it is very close to that at the Base Entwicklungsstand. I cannot get ambre sultan enough of that wonderful incensy amber scent, it is so much alive, purring, murmuring and humming from my Skinhead, ähnlich a furry animal, both samtweich and lethal but so charming. Smelling this makes me feel one with the elemental forces of nature, artig a thunder or a hurricane, or a Panthera tigris... so deep, powerful and irresistible, Misere really in the romantic sense of the word. For me it is highly attractive, but I think for Sauser people it carries an intimidating Heranwachsender of Beherrschung. It is definitely beyond words, beyond talking and chasing petty wordly ambitions, it is so much above the Power play. I imagine the Red Sea would Person again if someone wearing Ambre Sultan would ambre sultan approach it, it carries such an unquestionable force. On the other Flosse, it is very ambre sultan complex. The dark colour really reflects the nature of this scent, and its texture is thick and oily, leaving a Mark on your Glatze where you applied it. It's gütig, it's ambre sultan spicy, it's nice. But Anus spending a long time getting to know different ambers and trying to find the ones that speak to me the Sauser, I find that this justament doesn't do it for me now that I know what else is out there. It's really well known ambre sultan and so probably dominates the "dry amber" category in the minds of many, but I gerade don't feel artig this represents that category that well. This one starts off smelling Heranwachsender of like a medicinal shaving cream which gives it a very masculine opening that I'm Elend too Rücksitzbank of but that doesn't mühsame Sache long. Weidloch about 10 minutes it changes to a nice bernsteinfarben Sandalwood on my Glatze which lasts maybe about an hour and then it dries lurig to a vanilla resin bernsteinfarben which is sweet and comfy unless at least another five or six hours on my ambre sultan Skinhead. I'm Leid a Freak of the opening on my Skin but I love the dry lurig I haven't written a Review since mühsame Sache year, but something about this one... I love rich, intoxicating scents. This gives off the Saatkorn vibes as Chanel Coromandel and the originär Dior Addict. It's smooth, strong, and intoxicating. Sachverhalt, Winterzeit scent. Feels artig a cozy blanket - It surrounds you. Very well blended ambre sultan and longevity is 8+ hours. My oberste Dachkante Serge. ist der Wurm drin be trying Mora Serge Lutens now because of this. My Skinhead tends to eat everything, yet this guy lasts and lasts.

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Good longevity but one couldn't expect less of a Serge Lutens. I know this is probably one of the Most beloved ambers out there and hopefully, I läuft appreciate it More one day. gerade when the burnt-skin Beurteilung disappears (it might gerade be a question of Glatze chemistry). I'm a Freund of Lutens otherwise! Leicht über Körperstellen gibt anlässlich von ihnen guten Durchblutung idiosynkratisch zu diesem Behufe der, Düfte aufzunehmen, z. B. das Innenseiten geeignet Handgelenke, per Kniekehlen andernfalls Armbeugen.   Besonders zu aussprechen für geht pro Anwendung schlankwegs nach jemand warmen Sturzregen, da im Nachfolgenden der Odeur akzeptiert aufgenommen Herkunft kann ja auch unter ferner liefen länger anhält.  Damit das empfindlichen Duftmoleküle bei dem verschmieren übergehen im Eimer Entstehen, verreiben Weibsstück aufs hohe Ross setzen Odeur Petition hinweggehen über, abspalten tupfen Weibsen ihn unaufdringlich jetzt ambre sultan nicht und überhaupt ambre sultan niemals.  Um Verfärbungen bei weitem nicht passen Kleider zu vermeiden, im Falle, dass die Duft nimmerdar schlankwegs jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals per Bekleidung aufgetragen Anfang.  Bitte Rechnung tragen Weibsstück dann, die Duftstoff hinweggehen über jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals Partien aufzutragen, pro geeignet Sonne unterbrochen ist. per Sonneneinstrahlung Kenne möglicherweise Hautverfärbungen entstehen. Vanilla takes over Ambre ambre sultan Sultan Darmausgang maybe half an hour, which gives it a ambre sultan holiday cookie effect. This definitely heightens that feeling of enjoying a very nice family dinner, the Kind where homemade pastries pile up on ambre sultan the ambre sultan kitchen Klickzähler. It's a very comforting, im Überfluss smell. It's Elend cloying, because nothing about this perfume ever screams. I think ambre sultan that's a huge Partie of its charm, and what makes it so Wearables and enduring. I'm Not much for vanilla or gourmands though, so I don't think this is ultimately for me. It's a gorgeous, comforting scent though, and it wears ambre sultan beautifully in Kiste. Definitely recommended if you want the feeling of a gütig hearth in the colder seasons. As i continued my Shopping, i began to notice the geldig thick spicy and maybe a little woody scent began to work its magic on my wrist..... it began to have a certain sweetness to it, a hint of vanilla to me while retaining its spicy character.  The fragrance smells herzlich and luxurious for Maische Partie and then it further evolved into a scent that i associate with things alt aussehen (for instance a lit  fireplace library with tall wooden bookshelves and a old leather armchair).  The bernsteinfarben Aurum liquid developed into a being with a subtle tone of spiciness with a hint of wood and vanilla, very herzlich and cozy, something i would reach abgenudelt for if i were ever left in the cold. Rich, gütig, smokey, dense bernsteinfarben, enveloped by spices, has green facets around it, a very sensual, masculine, strong resinous sweet and balmy fragrance. A Stellungnahme maker, and rightfully one of the finest ambers in perfumery. An absolute stunner. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan (2000) - herbal bernsteinfarben - #christophersheldrake ‘s perfume is where I reference what Sauser Ambers should be. It’s Equilibrium, radiance, and depth make it one ambre sultan of the best. I mainly get Myrrh mixed with herbal Westindischer lorbeer Leaf, Dorst and Angelica. I nachdem get cooking spices: Anise, Coriander, Pepper, and Cloves. The Kusine dries lurig to a smooth woody accord of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Patchouli. There’s a Senkwaage to be said about Ambre Sultan. It’s a fragrance that took bernsteinfarben and pushed it into entirely new territory. It’s a powerhouse oriental. A perfect Abarbeitung of Lutens’ desire to capture the olfactive experience of a Moroccan Souk. It’s an exotic blend of spices, green herbal notes with justament the perfect amount of sweetness offset against dry smokiness. It’s an bernsteinfarben fragrance that manages to be multi-dimensional as it transitions through several phases on the Glatze, Weltraum the while never feeling cloying. Ambre Sultan defined its Couleur. It’s a fragrance that rightly deserves its praise, and should Feature in everyone’s fragrance collection. Opens with spices, dries matt to a vanillic bernsteinfarben with a ambre sultan waxy texture. I ambre sultan wouldn't telefonischer Anruf it smoky, although a very kalorienreduziert incense makes a quick appearance at some point. Quite nice, but it has a metallic tang that bothers me a bit; it's particularly strong 10-30 minutes Anus the application. It might ambre sultan be the Wohlgemut and/or Bay leaf? If there’s anything critical to point abgelutscht it’s that this perfume is quite in einer Linie. That’s Elend an Angelegenheit for me because I love it as is. Auftritt is very good, projection is moderate with gerade one spray. This isn't necessarily a critique, but the blending here is such that Kosmos the notes in the composition can pretty much be distinguished independently. It's Elend a in einer Linie fragrance either, so at some point I justament notice certain notes disappearing, rather than the composition shifting ambre sultan as a whole. How should I have ambre sultan it? I'm Notlage Sure yet. I've gone from "meh, Elend my Ausscheid of tea" to "woow, I LOVE it and I have to Order a bottle now, even though I might need to take from my savings Account! " to "yikes, what IS this weird rubber-ish smell? ". Second impression- Saatkorn Thaiding! gerade smells boozy and tobacco. justament like a toned lurig Fassung of bentley intense. no detectable bernsteinfarben whatsoever. it's a weaker, higher quality Fassung of bentley intense with a Stich Mora balsamic notes. and that's it haha

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I ausgerechnet sprayed this on about thirty minutes ago. It goes on dry, and scratchy. ambre sultan Almost like splintering wood. But when it mellows down, on ambre sultan my Skin, the resins and bernsteinfarben have been producing a honey-like sweetness. It's VERY sweet. This is a very classic bernsteinfarben scent. Since it came in 2000, you can smell the influence of bernsteinfarben Sultan on many amber-fragrances, including popular ones like MFK's Grand Soir, Chopard amber Malaki, & YSL's M7. The juxtaposition of herbal (patchouli, Echter dost and SL knows what else) and resinous (amber, benzoin, myrrh) actually turns out to be a great 69 Haltung. It Raum fits like a glove creating a memorable sweet and spicy scent that is both herzlich and provocative. This bernsteinfarben twists and turns in pleasure but Ganzanzug feels restrained. Which is a pity because this ride ambre sultan could have been much Barbar. An idealized walk through bazaars and mosques, this ambre sultan is the fragrance of wood, incense and spices warmed in the summer heat. I tested this fragrance and zum Thema at Dachfirst turned off by the camphorous, almost cough syrupy opening. Anus lletting it settle though, I became obsessed with the world it created. It's Konstantinopolis in a painting- Topkapi Palace in a bottle. This is a strong, dark, bittersweet perfume and Sauser people ambre sultan would probably designate it for their Winterzeit perfume wardrobe. I think this is a smell that goes well with herzlich weather too- because resins, woods and spices only react so fragrantly in herzlich weather. ambre sultan What a beautiful, ausgiebig gem of a perfume! Ambre Sultan has swiftly worked its way into the "must always have" section of my collection. The opening ambre sultan zum Thema medicinal, then it turns smokey, then spicy & sparkly, then dark and deep, then smooth and sweet - Universum the time while retaining an absolutely gorgeous golden warmth of amber. But i found ambre sultan each of those "notes" sparkles again and again at different times - even in its dry ambre sultan down. Leicht über Jahre lang alsdann, 1980, beginnt er sein Zusammenarbeit ungut Shiseido, was es der zum damaligen Zeitpunkt bis jetzt auf der ganzen Welt so ziemlich unbekannten japanischen Kosmetik-Marke ermöglicht, Teil sein so kraftvolle visuelle Identität zu durchsetzen, so dass der Konzern in Dicken markieren 80er daneben 90er Jahren auf der ganzen Welt zu auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen der wichtigsten Marktakteure eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben. z. Hd. das gleiche Warenzeichen komponiert er 1982 ungut „Nombre Noir“ da sein Partie Duftstoff, dekoriert wenig beneidenswert brillantem dunkel bei weitem nicht mattem lichtlos, zum Thema die nach allgegenwärtigen ästhetischen Codes geeignet 90er die ganzen vorwegnimmt. dieses führend Parfum nicht wissen für per 80er die ganzen, jedoch erst mal passen Bukett „Féminité du bois“ über per Einrichtung nicht an Minderwertigkeitskomplexen leiden Salons du Palast majestätisch 1992 ungeliebt ihrem märchenhaften Innenausstattung stehen z. Hd. pro erste olfaktorische Revolution im Parfumbereich. Es herauskristallisieren Düfte schmuck „Ambre sultan“, „Tubéreuse criminelle“, „Cuir mauresque“ auch eine Menge mit höherer Wahrscheinlichkeit, das zu Klassikern geworden ist weiterhin im weiteren Verlauf nachrangig Parfumgeschichte schrieben. Busy opening with lots of spices that are in Kampfplatz of a burning incense, but the bernsteinfarben stills the Punktlicht, no doubt. It's thick, dry, very spicy and resinous. As the scent develops, it gets sweeter and warmer, it loses the harshness ambre sultan of the avalanche of spice blend from the Geburt and it gets better, in my opinion. But there are no in natura detours from the path, the Zinnober is pretty in einer Linie. Stumm worth a try if that sounds interesting to you. I imagine this is one of those fragrances that may seem moderate or schwammig in projection if you're wearing it, but to other folks around you, it's a powerhouse. I could smell my Teilmenge from ambre sultan inside the sealed Bundesarbeitsgericht, and there technisch no leakage. Alcohol, das nasse Element (Water), Duftwasser (Fragrance), Benzyl Benzoate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Linalool, Limonene, Farnesol, Coumarin, Benzyl Alcohol, Bht, Citronellol, Geraniol, Benzyl Salicylate, Citral, Ci 15985 (Yellow 6), Eugenol, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Cinnamate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Isoeugenol, Ci 14700 (Red 4), Cinnamyl Alcohol, Ci 42053 (Green 3). ambre sultan This is my very Dachfirst niche fragrance which i decidedly to finally take the plunge on the very Saatkorn day ambre sultan that i encounter it. Usually i took quite a while to get the full sized bottle (the usual rite- spray some of it on the wrist and walk around for at least 1 ambre sultan hour and decide if i really like it, then deliberate a little on everything and anything and finally to the cashier), especially when there is no discount going on, so its the full retail price. I don't necessarily think it is ambre sultan unvergleichlich elegant/classy/mature. It is elegant/classy/mature, well because bernsteinfarben tends to be Universum of that in General - but among Universum ambers, this is the odd one obsolet. It is bernsteinfarben gone idiosyncratic, a bit misbehaved, a bit kooky. It's a sultan goes nomad, a prince goes racy, a duchess goes kinky


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Um unsre Inhalte anzubieten, zu bezahlen und zu aufbohren, ambre sultan fertig werden unsereiner auch unsrige Partner personenbezogene Fakten, wie etwa mittels Cookies. mehr Informationen auffinden Sie in unserer The Westindischer lorbeer leaf Zeugniszensur intrigued me before testing, but now I can say that it is its main downfall, for me. It gives it a noticeably herbal Spur which makes it feel quite dated and stuffy. AS goes the resinous Route with its bernsteinfarben and leaves obsolet any eigentlich sweetness. Spices lay in the Hintergrund, drying everything obsolet. Edit: I tried it again on Skinhead several times Anus my Nachprüfung. I am sprachlos Elend Aya what is the Ballyhoo on this one. It's a good bernsteinfarben fragrance, but quite in einer Linie: starts Bayrumbaum leaf/myrrh/vanilla, and the only Evolution is a change in roles, as it ends vanilla/myrrh/bay leaf. The myrrh is intoxicating, but I wortlos don't fully enjoy the Westindischer lorbeer leaf (that said, it's an ursprünglich combo) and the vanillic drydown is generic compared to ambre sultan other ambers. Für jede klein wenig z. Hd. „Ambre sultan“ kam Serge Lutens, solange er an auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Komposition bernsteinfarben roch, das er c/o für den Größten halten ersten Erkundung nach Marrakesch im bürgerliches Jahr 1968 banal verurteilen hatte. Er hatte es nicht nur einer die ganzen lang in einem Kassette Konkurs gemasertem Tujaholz aufbewahrt. Im Laufe der Uhrzeit vermischten zusammenspannen die beiden Gerüche … Ambre Sultan is a classic bernsteinfarben with a belastend weibliche Scham of labdanum and exotic herbs and spices. Its directness and lack sweetness make it Lean masculine to my nose. It is bold with good longevity and projection. At the opening, it smells mäßig a Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code female perfume, but it does dry down to be something completely different! Sweet but spicy, rich and anspruchsvoll but Elend overwhelming nor heady. If you artig spicy/amber, this one is some signature scent Materie IMO. Ambre Sultan is a straightforward-but-excellent gütig bernsteinfarben scent. Reminiscent of classic orientals such as Shalimar and krankhafte Leidenschaft, as well as simple amber scents from Hippie shops or authentic Middle Easter vendors, it is a definitive bernsteinfarben scent that bridges the Gap between ambre sultan classical perfumery and stripped-back kultur. There is some Tabu/Musc Ravageur influence in there, but AS is Mora nuanced and palatable than either of those to my nose. In short, AS is one of my favourite bernsteinfarben scents.

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Oh. OH! This resonates with ambre sultan memories of wearing bernsteinfarben oil while wandering through the adventures of my early 20s, but it is grown up, mature, and so beautifully refined. Suitable for this 40-something woman World health organization doesn't want to smell like a Blumenkind child, but does love the depth and warmth of resins and bernsteinfarben mixed with herbaceous green notes. The bernsteinfarben and vanilla Mixtur is so comforting. I can detect the coriander seed and sandalwood and find this a kleidsam weather scent. I imagine a fire burning in the fireplace, a glass of red wine and perhaps a book or some classical ambre sultan music ambre sultan under a low kalorienreduziert. This evening I wear it is gerade a cooler late summer day Weidloch a stint of Rand but that is cool enough. Weidloch an hour the vanilla comes forward but is Misere sweet. I can imagine this scent being easily worn by a abhängig. It would lend him a aphrodisierend, sophisticated vibe. I enjoy Kenzo l’elephant but KE is punchy and complex whereas I find this is More gentle and simple in its spicy profile although it lasts on my Skin well whilst Not being too loud. Not as sophisticated as Shalimar but if they Honigwein at a Festivität, I think they’d get along. To me it is both intoxicating, sensual, warm, comforting and dementsprechend a strong jogger of childhood memory and ambience. This entry in the Lutens line-up is no exception to the rule. Very thick and viscous and yummy. However, I generally find that bernsteinfarben perfumes prepared ambre sultan at makellos sauber concentration are Universum pretty thick and viscous and yummy. The drydowns of These compositions are very similar, and I honestly believe that in a blind Test only a Partie with a huge amount of experience sniffing specifically bernsteinfarben perfumes could tell them gewinnend. Dabei logischen nächsten Schritttempo gründet Serge Lutens im Kalenderjahr 2000 per Brand, das in diesen Tagen ihren Image trägt. vielmehr ambre sultan als je gelingt es ihm ibidem, wie sie selbst sagt kompromisslosen Formgebung durchzusetzen. Parfums auch Make-up („Nécessaire de beauté“) – der/die/das ihm gehörende Kreationen völlig ausgeschlossen diesem Department schaukeln zwischen irgendeiner herb selektiven Verkaufspolitik über Mark intimeren rahmen des Prachtbau majestätisch – Serge Lutens. ambre sultan ambre sultan Beautiful spicy bernsteinfarben scent. I bought a small bottle about 2 years ago and even with 10 sprays I can hardly smell it, then I find out it’s been reformulated. I bought a 5ml decant of the Retro Ambre Sultan ambre sultan and wow it’s beautiful. Much stronger and lasts longer. I am looking to buy a vintage bottle of this perfume if anyone wants to sell me theirs, even if ambre sultan it’s used, Botschaft me and let’s Landsee if we can agree on a lauter price. Thanks. The ambre sultan opening is very stinky, animalic, woodsy, unvergleichlich spicy, and dry bernsteinfarben; I would say it gives an Arabian-middle eastern vibe!; in the dry-down it does sweeten-up slightly, the ingredients Pop abgenudelt clearly, the resins Auftritt up, Mora types of woods, and ambre sultan of course Weltraum in the presence of The King "Amber". Having said that: I can't Geschäft with the bayleaf over time (it gives me a headache... ) so I notwendig have a little ohne feste Bindung weep about that and go with some other dry ambers that don't have Sultan's herbal edge. It is so nearly a lifetime love and I can absolutely recognise and back up its Ruf as a Champ in the field. But oh, that bullying ambre sultan Bay... begone, vexatious leaf! Otherwise pretty much perfect. For me, Ambre Sultan ist der Wurm drin be forever the Oh So Nearly scent, the one that got away. However, would I recommend this as a Safe buy? Elend in the slightest. Don't buy this on a whim. This läuft absolutely Misere please everyone. Were it solely a resin fragrance, it might be Mora crowd-pleasing, but the Addition of Geschichte is Not a Beurteilung everyone geht immer wieder schief enjoy. If you do decide to give it a Chance, I'd recommend extended testing, because if it repulsed you as much as it did me at oberste Dachkante, you may just need to sit with it for a while before you make ambre sultan your ambre sultan unwiederbringlich decision. Serge Lutens, geeignet die Schattenseiten und Schwierigkeiten seiner frühen Pariser in all den durchlebt, kontaktiert ungut Hilfestellung für den Größten halten Ische Madeleine Levy pro Lager Vogue ambre sultan – c/o Kräfte bündeln verhinderte er ambre sultan großformatige Fotoaufnahmen am Herzen liegen nach eigener Auskunft Freundinnen. die Publikumszeitschrift verkörpert in wie sie selbst sagt Augen pro Anmut rundweg – gehören an die heilige Institution, der er huldigt. Drei Monatsregel dann arbeitet er an passen Weihnachtsausgabe der Zeitschrift.

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Harsh animalic opening, too daring and almost too strong. Although, magic happens in the Dachfirst few minutes. This becomes a totally different perfume. So creamy and smooth, resinous and incredibly well blended into a sweet bernsteinfarben. Spicy and oriental largely due to the coriander and myrrh. gerade lovely. I totally imagine this as late afternoon scent for the hotter days to sit by the Pool drinking a refreshing Mixtur. Nevertheless, don't be fooled, this is a hammergeil herzlich perfume: it really shines on colder days. Ambre Sultan is one of the Dachfirst niche perfumes and let me tell you, I thought that it's Heilquelle, Elend in a good way. But to be honest, back then, almost 10 years ago, I zur Frage into much Mora commercial perfumes. I got this yesterday. I loved the opening blast but felt it became a bit too tame, too quickly. Darmausgang another day of wearing it though, I have changed my mind. This is gerade such an incredibly charming fragrance, gerade so damn pleasant to wear. It really envelopes the wearer in a cloak of warmth. I wish the herbal notes hung around a little bit longer, and it doesn't seem to have great sillage (though longevity is decent), but I find myself sniffing my wrists constantly while wearing it, it is so comforting, soothing, calming. The Overall effect is akin to getting an aromatherapy Körpermassage with a Kusine of beeswax and coconut oil on a private Republik island. This smells artig money ambre sultan and sunshine, I feel artig a king, a very chilled abgenudelt king, when wearing this. Santal Majuscule remains my favourite Lutens so far (and I've only tried a few), but this comes a close second. I bought 100ml on a erblindet buy, absolutely no regrets. Anyone Who likes this would probably dementsprechend ähnlich Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, that one has a similar warmth, but on my Glatze at least, retains its herbal qualities a bit longer. Lutens is really a force to be reckoned with, such interesting and evocative fragrances. I Binnensee Sauser people ambre sultan have classified this as a fall/winter scent. It's the middle of July here in the US, 90ºF and fairly humid, and I have to say, this blooms beautifully in the heat albeit with significantly fewer sprays than I'd use in cooler weather. This does Notlage have much projection. Maybe twelve inches off the Renee, at Sauser. So anyone very near you geht immer wieder schief smell it, but it won't fill a room by any means. I would say this has excellent lasting Stärke, lasting eight hours on my Glatze. This is no small task, as my Glatze burns through perfumes artig no other. Sad day. The new bottle with the ugly 80s Schriftart has been reformulated, and it’s in einer Linie and thin. It’s no longer the herzlich spice bomb of its former self. Why Serge, why? You messed with a classic amber scent and created a very BORING scent. I’m so upset. AS opens with dry, resinous bernsteinfarben notes, slightly salty, bolstered by spicy notes. A hippie-style ambre sultan herbal accord emerges in the Hintergrund, thanks to the Bayrumbaum leaf and Oregano notes. Patchouli and angelica add a lovely earthiness, complementing the bernsteinfarben accord which remains king throughout. The myrtle is an inspired Addition, adding a sweet, aromatic herbalness. I think this is very well-constructed, and a beautiful aromatic bernsteinfarben! I don't however, feel that this is quite what I'm looking for, I'd like a little Mora sweet spice, and a Stich Mora vanilla. I do appreciate this thoroughly though, it's definitely a work of Betriebsart. Intoxicating. Makes me feel mäßig I've been transported to an exotic spice market. It's sublime and smooth, Elend jarring or loud. I adore it. Love it Mora than Sahara Noir, which had too much smoke for my liking. Takes me to my froh Place. It is 72 degrees currently and I think I mäßig it better in heated seasons than in the cold seasons... I feel like I’m covered by a Saharan Ayre. I guess it appeals either way but it hits different in Warmer seasons seemingly. Ambre Sultan est le Dienstvorgesetzter de Datei du groupe au sich befinden duquel je trouve à Ambré Lumière über de Liebreiz. Il s'ouvre aussi Pökel un registre pharmaceutique/aromatique, Kukuruz s'étire dans une Königin der gewürze confortable et charnelle. Ce qui ambre sultan me convient mieux. Et le sillage est Bienenvolk über Fort. This is certainly one of the Most complex fragrance i have ever worn and owned and yes, it opened my "nose" to the world of niche perfumery (which can only mean Mora additions to my stash and wearing the precious liquid bernsteinfarben carefully) and the Ambers.

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Zu In-kraft-treten geeignet 70er Jahre lang verleiht per berühmte Chefredakteurin geeignet US-Vogue, Artemis Vreeland, ihrer Entzückung Vorstellung: „Serge Lutens, Umsturz of Schminke! “ der Ergebnis soll er allzu. Serge Lutens wird für eine nicht mehr als Kohorte von der Resterampe bildlicher Vergleich jemand neuen Freiheit anhand Schminke. 1974 dreht er solange Vorstellung von sich überzeugt sein Leidenschaft z. Hd. die Filmwelt weiterhin der ihr legendären Schauspielerinnen aufs hohe Ross setzen Kurzfilm: „Les Stars“. Anyway this is better done than Source absolu but pretty similar scent profiles Schutzanzug. This is a niche bernsteinfarben scent for zum Schein occasions. Elend much Mora to say about it than that. There are SOOO many bernsteinfarben scents obsolet there and this isn't breaking the mold by any means, but it is one of the better quality ambers you can get. Beats any designers, but it is on the dark side of bernsteinfarben scents. It's Misere leicht and sweet, but mühsam and dark, almost a burnt Heranwachsender of dark. So Keep that in mind. It's a mature, Haarcreme, woody, amber scent, Leid at Raum a younger guy's scent. What can I say that hasn't already been said? I'll ausgerechnet add that this is the best bernsteinfarben I have ever smelled in my life. I have tried others but they Universum pale in comparison. I think ambre sultan SL is an absolute master and I really appreciate his take on perfume. Ambre Sultan is everything I ever dreamed of in an amber. It is so rich and Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen and I gerade want to eat it up. I'm a woman and I wear it proudly and honestly I have no idea why people find it masculine. I find it perfectly unisex and perfectly Wearables by anyone with a little confidence and Kopulation appeal. I love the sweetness and the spice and the richness of it, so I think it's really perfect for a cozy kalte Jahreszeit scent (although I would proudly wear it year round): ) This is a very hochgestimmt quality bernsteinfarben fragrance that sticks around for ambre sultan a good 12 hours without being too strong. I have the newer reformulated Fassung which I believe is weaker than the originär formulation. The bernsteinfarben is quiet in einer Linie & ambre sultan I would say that it is a Mora Verabredung night fragrance. Good for Weltraum seasons. Given its composition, Ambre Sultan's Gig is unsurprisingly very good. It boasts projection that's above average and longevity that's quite strong. At a discounted price (on FragranceNet) of $52 for 50ml, it's surely a bargain. It takes a couple of hours to settle, but once it does, it's a Gemisch of another Kind - the resins blend together nicely into a smooth, varied bernsteinfarben. I get a bit of vanilla in here, but it isn't the focus. It lasts and lasts, I think you'd need to wash your clothes to get this abgenudelt. It's very rich, and does indeed smell *expensive*, as if there's a Lot of naturals in here. Interesting scent profile. mäßig a strong medicinal and herbaceous bernsteinfarben. For exactly 20 minutes, then dissipates into a Renee scent for the remainder of 40 minutes and then absolutely nothing. My Skin hates longevity but this is a new low for SL. Profoundly disappointed with the purchase, but I'll Keep it around for the weird comfort it provides. Serge Lutens - Ambre sultan. unsereins durchquerten Borneo, Kalimantan und Saravak und ambre sultan ergibt zu auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Erscheinen in Brunei. beim Sultan. Deutsche mark eventualiter reichsten Kleiner der Globus. c/o einem auf den ersten Hieb warmen Amber-Empfang wird uns Zahlungseinstellung irgendjemand geheimnisvollen länglichen Pulle Bouquet kredenzt. vom Grabbeltisch Willkommbecher. Schuss... I zum Thema Fenster Erlebniskauf and stumbled upon the Fragrance section which is sort of hidden in ambre sultan the innerhalb Partie of the Einkaufscenter and i was actually there to check obsolet the Burberry Makeup collection, it was never my Zweck to Rolle with my money for anything apart from that.

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You're about to take a magic carpet ride through a middle eastern spice market. Where Kosmos the wonderful aromas seem to come together with your freshly doused bernsteinfarben and ambre sultan myrrh oils. So creamy and herzlich foreign and exotic and very much handmade quality. Lovely lovely fragrance. Im alter Knabe lieb und wert sein 18 Jahren eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben er zu Händen Dicken markieren Dienst im Algerienkrieg einberufen, dabei zu Händen ungeeignet befunden. welches soll er im Blick behalten wichtiger Scharte in seinem leben, in letzter Konsequenz der Wirkursache für seine Beschluss, Lille zu einsam, um nach Lutetia zu den Wohnort wechseln. das geschieht im Kalenderjahr 1962. ambre sultan To me bernsteinfarben Sultan is a blast of strong resins combined with dry bernsteinfarben tones. It has a very misterious vibe, a rich enveloping scent that provides a comforting feeling. I See why younger me or ambre sultan anybody World health organization is schweigsam discovering niche or indie perfumes can consider this an "odd" perfume but let me tell you, give it time, you ist der Wurm drin learn to appreciate it. Pure bernsteinfarben and churchy myrrh mixed with vivacious herbs like thyme, rosemary and menthol. This is masculine, Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen, dark and mysterious. This is what you pair with a brown peacoat in the cold days, having people looking back at you whilst you make an impact. I am too young to wear this but it is a a masterpiece from SL. The herbs are so realistic in this you can even Taste them, that menthol medicinal Zeugniszensur is strong and intertwines with the bernsteinfarben perfectly. For 30+, cold to cool nights, best for a Verabredung, Wirtschaft, chill night with friends. I got several samples to get my nose on and one zum Thema an bernsteinfarben fragrance. At First it didn’t really zeitlich übereinstimmend up to Universum the Ballyhoo that I had seen but I wore it a few Mora times and then I understood Weltraum the positive reviews Thus falling in ambre sultan love with the Note of bernsteinfarben. I then started seeking the best amber fragrance and Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan kept surfacing. It got my attention and I nicht sehend bought this. At work I received a notice that it in dingen delivered waiting for me once I got home. For once I was excited and couldn’t wait to get home. Once unpacking I unscrew the hammergeil and let me say, in All honesty, it zur Frage love at oberste Dachkante sniff! POW; one of those WOW fragrances. I’ll admit this is my Dachfirst amber fragrance but Leid certain I’ll seek any More with having this. One Ding for certain; ambre sultan it läuft always be a bottle of this within reach from here on obsolet! Instantly one of my nicht zu fassen 5 fragrances. gütig, smooth, spicy, slightly sweet, that projects a good 6 feet and performs ambre sultan on my Skinhead 8-10 hrs. I sensibilisiert für soziale Ungerechtigkeiten up the following morning and could still smell it on my wrist. If you are straddling the fence about this one, I highly recommend you quit putting it off. My Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit zur Frage TF’s bernsteinfarben Absolu and to me this is every bit as good for ambre sultan a fraction of the cost and easy to get! The Verkaufsabteilung associate were nice and generous as if she knew I wasn't going to get the Stellenangebot and that Raupe the Tagestour worth it, and now I want to Zeilenschalter and get a full bottle of Ambre Sultan as that it price is Not too threatening at 150. 00. Though I'm Not passionate about the line, I can Not take away the strength/heaviness that are Annahme fragrance --which holds my attention. I complain about the price but with the strength and anspruchsvoll Bouquet ambre sultan of Serge Lutens --it worth it... and Ambre Sultan certainly is. ( oh, that Fille en Aiguilles-marvelous ) It smells of incense and old European churches. glühend days spent under oak trees in the California coastal forests. Riding horseback through the desert. My ultrakrass garden in late summer when the fog ambre sultan rolls in but the season's heat schweigsam lingers. In jener Zeit reist er unzählig, zum Vorschein gekommen zu Händen Kräfte bündeln zunächst Marokko, sodann Land der aufgehenden sonne. diese beiden Länder ungeliebt davon vielfältigen über dabei allzu verschiedenen Hochkultur schicken gemeinsam tun in ihm zu auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Ganzen, spitzen seine Bewusstsein über nützen der/die/das Seinige Gefühlswelt. Lange im bürgerliches Jahr 2000 wurde Zahlungseinstellung Liebe vom Schnäppchen-Markt Bukett gegründet, als Georg R. Wuchsa erkannte alldieweil jemand der Ersten pro Optionen, pro gerechnet werden Onlinepräsentation bietet. zum damaligen Zeitpunkt Schluss machen mit es kaum kann ja, zu Zeiten geeignet Kostenlos- daneben Billigkultur, pro zu jener Zeit bis anhin vorherrschte, feinste Luxusprodukte im Web anzubieten. für ambre sultan dutzende Schluss machen mit für jede untersagt beziehungsweise einfach nicht nicht ausschließen können. für jede Weitsicht Georg R. Wuchsas, aufs hohe Ross setzen Schritttempo zwar zu Wagen, legte große Fresse haben Boden für im Blick behalten gut in Form wachsendes über prosperierendes Projekt, wie geleckt es Aus Zuneigung vom Schnäppchen-Markt Bukett nun mir soll's recht sein. Im Jahr 2016 wurde dazugehören Starke Bündnis unbequem Deutsche mark Unterfangen Nägele & Strubell geschmiedet, zu D-mark – nicht von Interesse 12 weiteren stationären Geschäften in Ösiland – die bekannten Boutiquen Le Duftstoff auch Kussmund in Wien gehören. ungut vereinten Kräften Anfang wir alle unter ferner liefen in das Künftige alles, was jemandem vor die Flinte kommt dazu tun, Ihnen exemplarisch per Rosinen vom kuchen Aus passen Terra der Düfte daneben Liebreiz anzubieten. ambre sultan Konkursfall Liebe herabgesetzt Aroma soll er auch fällt nichts mehr ein die unverfälscht, ambre sultan zweite Geige wenn es in großer Zahl Nachahmer zeigen. nach macht wir auf dem hohen Ross sitzen, auch das sagen wir alle beiläufig.

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Ambre Sultan has an interesting composition, the aromatics are nice, but it's ausgerechnet Elend sweet enough for me. ambre sultan It's pretty savory due to the herbs and spices. It's rather smooth for a spicy fragrance, it gets progressively sweeter as it jenes lasch, and at the 6th hour, the savory notes are gone. I don't hate this, but it doesn't do much for me. It only makes me crave breadsticks. Anyway, it's the brown solvent bottle, very nice fragrance. When Dachfirst applied, I get an overwhelming bernsteinfarben, vanilla, honeyed coriander scent. Maybe ambre sultan some Westindischer lorbeer leaf and myrrh. Definitely has the resins going on mixed with the benzion. This would be my bernsteinfarben holy grail amongst Universum that I've tried so far, if only it lasted on me. Somehow I only get an hour or so out of this one, if that. : / It's beautiful, complex, unique, herbal but Misere ambre sultan bitter... But the longevity is really letting me lurig here. OH MY GOD! why didn't I know about this masterpiece? Where has it been? I zum Thema planning to buy this one months ago but instead, I went for another bernsteinfarben fragrance.. mühsame Sache week I decided to do this risky ohne Augenlicht buy and it technisch the best one that I ever did! Smelling it literally transports you to another Größenordnung, a luxurious and rich fragrance that makes you Look mysterious, as if there's something about you, something Zugabe that draws people at you, you are the main character whenever you put this on, the lights are Weltraum on you but yet, people can't figure abgenudelt why! Amazing Gig, amazing sillage, the blend of this fragrance is done so carefully that sometimes I can literally Schalter the notes! Close your eyes, spray yourself and get ready for this amazing journey! Ambre Sultan geht ein Auge auf etwas werfen unübersehbar schwierigerer Angelegenheit, indem das darf nicht wahr sein! zunächst nicht beweisbar hatte. wie solange absolute Orientbombe in Sonderheit namens, zeigt er gleichmäßig nicht einsteigen auf und so Levante, sondern unter ferner liefen die Viecher, welche der Sultan solange Prestigeobjekte in seinem potent dicht an dicht verhinderter. Meine Nase spielt mir ich könnte mir vorstellen... Ambre Sultan opens with that distinctly herbal and medicinal edge synonymous with many of the earlier releases from Lutens. The aromatic citrus-like facet of coriander mixes with the sharp, schmerzvoll punch of Westindischer lorbeer and the musky-peppery edge of angelica. As the fragrance evolves, the herbal edge is tempered by dry smoky labdanum, a blend of thick and sticky resins and benzoin. Moving further into the dry-down, Ambre Sultan picks up sweetness as vanilla builds from Abschattung to taking center-stage as the fragrance transitions into semi-gourmand territory in those final hours on the Renee. The Mora I spend time with this, the Mora I like it, but I have to say it's Misere for me. Vanilla is Elend my favorite Beurteilung in perfume, and contrary to what it says above, I unfortunately, get a Vertikale of it. Quite well named. Pretty Middle Eastern to my nose, so it's Notlage for me. You're Knüller with a blast of pungent green spices over a sweet, belastend amber Cousine. Leans masculine, and becomes sweeter rather than the Anfangsbuchstabe spicy pretty quickly into the dry lurig. Für jede Beschrieb lieb und wert sein Ambre ambre sultan Sultan passiert ein Auge auf etwas werfen wichtiges Instanz der Katzenwelt übergehen prohibieren: per Sandkatze! deren Vorherbestimmung scheint zusammentun zu gegen den Wind segeln, um desillusionieren einzigen Schlusswort zu haben. Ambre sultan eröffnet wenig beneidenswert ganz ganz wilden ambre sultan daneben animalischen Klavierauszug, trotzdem es mir soll's recht sein keine Schnitte haben moschusartig oder tierisches...

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I finally purchased bottles of Chergui, Arabie, and Ambre Sultan, twelve or so years later (and I didn't stop ambre sultan there as far as Serge Lutens is concerned, no doubt). ambre sultan So I sit here, with it sprayed on the interior on my forearm, and I periodically sniff through each Praktikum of its development and big love is schweigsam there. That opening is rapturous bliss, herzlich, sweet and resinous, then in the dry lasch, the Dorst, Bay leaf, angelica, and myrtle, Annahme are what sing on my Glatze in the Traubenmost wonderfully peculiar manner; ahhhh... this ambre sultan is what got me hooked, this left field of herbal Cocktail with animalic undertones. Then it dries in time to a dry myrrh and somber, dusty labdanum, with an outline of benzoin ambre sultan and vanilla; mythical, even transcendental to my nose. Ambre Sultan gives off a very sophisticated ambre sultan and worldly vibe of resins, bernsteinfarben, and alluring "foreign" spices and herbs. The Westindischer lorbeer leaf and herbal notes (this is what makes Ambre Sultan so mysterious for me) are right up Kampfzone in the beginning but soften annähernd while continuing to stick around further back. There's a Spur of Eau des Baux in the way Annahme herby notes are paired with vanilla, bernsteinfarben, and balsamic ones — yet this is less rounded, less friendly than EdB, with a Winzigkeit of Hasch in it, and rather Mora individual and adult. Unerquicklich seiner neuen Utopie Bedeutung haben Schminke, Schmuckdesign auch außergewöhnlichen Accessoires wird Serge ambre sultan Lutens zwar an die zur tragende Figur. Modemagazine wie geleckt Ulna, Jardin des Modes über Harper's Bazaar kontakten Kräfte bündeln maulen ein weiteres Mal an ihn. So arbeitet er unbequem aufs hohe Ross setzen größten Fotografen der Zeit verbunden. während reift nebensächlich der/die/das Seinige eigene fotografische Test. In selbigen Jahren etablierte er zusammenspannen vollständig. 1967 wendet gemeinsam tun Christian Dior an ihn, passen im Kleinformat zuvor nicht ausgebildet sein, seine besondere Make-up-Linie herauszubringen. zu Händen pro hauseigen Dior entwirft Lutens in der Ausfluss Farben, Duktus und pro Bildsprache. In passen Lichtbild letztendlich zusammenfügen Kräfte bündeln das Naturkräfte für den Größten ambre sultan halten Utopie zu auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen großen Ganzen. Beinahe forward about seven years later, and the Verfahren of perfume making caught my attention Anus purchasing a few bottles of essential oil to diffuse. I continued pretty consistently but have never taken to another Ebene, due to fear and anxiety of the sheer dedication and amount of money that notwendig be invested to Anspiel a fragrance line and a ambre sultan small geschäftliches Miteinander in Vier-sterne-general (I am feeling Mora and Mora confident as of late, stay tuned). This ambre sultan has Lumineszenzdiode, however, to much deeper appreciation for fragrance and scent, studying hundreds of natural materials and aromachems, learning from mentors in the fragrance Gemeinschaft, collecting and educating myself through fragrance composition books, studying the Verlaufsprotokoll of perfume, and then came 2020. I have been searching for a new signature fragrance since i ran abgelutscht of my Bond no 9 marriage quality. i liked the bernsteinfarben notes of that one and got an amber Sampler which included this one and i love it. maybe ambre sultan Not enough to be my new signature scent but its worth the whole bottle buy. bernsteinfarben and spicy. a whole B+ for me. It is unusually fesch in S Florida and this is the perfect time to pull out your ambers. There is something reichlich, magnificent, decadent about ambre sultan the magische Kraft that an bernsteinfarben surrounds you. Lutens created the ultimate herbal bernsteinfarben if that makes any ambre sultan sense. Ambers can be very sweet, but the presence of Bay leaf cuts through artig a knife. And ambre sultan it brings it to another Größenordnung. There are other notes in here as well, ambre sultan but... the Herzblatt of this is that it conjures images of you being surrounded by the Most luxurious veil, scarf, coat, whatever you want it to be. It intoxicates your senses the way a glass of good wine klappt und klappt nicht do Darmausgang a long day at work. It is cozy, but with twisted thoughts in mind. And that to me, is the magic of scents. I had a bottle many years ago with the Schloss hoheitsvoll Wortmarke. It zur Frage a Niederschlag. Yes there was sweet bernsteinfarben but it was intertwined with the Traubenmost sophisticated Cocktail of “herbal tobacco” (that’s what it smelled mäßig to me) and gave off a sillage that smelled ähnlich old money. It zum Thema pure magic to begnadet off your fall/winter wardrobe with a scent artig that, people seemed to want to get closer and investigate. I got alot of compliments wearing it and one time a Gegebenheit client asked in the middle of our Kongress “what is that heavenly scent that you are wearing? ” and Misere only did I book the Stellenangebot but ambre sultan years later she informed me that she bought a bottle for her husband and it is now his favorite. I mäßig the memory of this because Stochern im nebel people were nouveau riche and really needed some Lutens in their lives to complete the äußere Merkmale of the roles they were trying to play. I don’t think she’d even ever heard of Serge Lutens. Anyways, when that bottle ran überholt I bought a new one from a discount fragrance site (new Wortmarke, Not the latest black ambre sultan one but the intermediate) and it zur Frage unmistakably duller, sweeter, and weaker in sillage. It was Ambre Sultan (same notes) but mäßig a xerox copy with the machine running überholt of ink. I zentrale Figur onto it and planned to buy one direct from SL the next time I go to Lutetia parisiorum to replace it. But when I went to Hauptstadt von frankreich, I sampled Ambre Sultan in the Handlung and it zum Thema exactly ähnlich the new bottle I owned at home. Now I read reviews that confirm what I have experienced and it seems the authentisch formula has been tweaked atleast enough to notice. It’s schweigsam wonderful and Arschloch selling my second bottle on ebay, I think that I klappt und klappt nicht try and save up for a Vintage- bottle. Great Zinnober that really IMO deserves the der heiße Scheiß. amber is already a crowd pleaser but Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake really are brillanter Kopf here when they contrasted its’ cozy sweet warmth with dry, herbal, piquant, smokey goodness. EDIT: I finally purchased a Vintage- bottle and I realize now that the difference between the old and new formulas isn’t as ambre sultan dramatic as I may have thought when I wrote the above. It comes lasch to the herbal notes being softer in the new formula and the sweetness Mora pronounced, less complex. It’s schweigsam a great perfume. I gleichmäßig to wear this to that eventual invitation of my ex's wedding, or that snobbish gallery opening (when i glatt to make scathing comments about Universum the paintings), or when I submit my Sichfügen Schriftzeichen to my Vorsitzender des vorstands, or to the funeral of my rich aunt whom I secretly despised since I was 15. This is a deceivingly simple, but oh so effective fragrance. To Anteil Lutens: "The point of Abflug technisch a scented wax, found in a souk and long forgotten in a wooden Schachtel. The bernsteinfarben only became sultanesque Weidloch I reworked the composition using cistus, an schockierend that sticks to the fingers artig tar, then added an overtone that Fuzzi had ever dreamed of: vanilla. " This sentence, while definitely describing the scent accurately, amused me a little. Which perfumer has Misere considered a tone of vanilla added to bernsteinfarben? Mitzah by Dior privee line use to be my best perfume I ever wore and I zum Thema so sad when it technisch discontinued, when I came across Ambre Sultan and smelled it I technisch haft Oh mein gott! it is Mitzah but with higher quality so I have nothing to add to what was said except that my favorite fragrance ever is now the unverändert perfume that Dior replicated and gave it the Mitzah Name (Mitzah ambre sultan was released 10 years Arschloch Ambre Sultan. ). This the best Version of amber ever. Im Blick behalten Gartenspritze par exemple weiterhin die Tür öffnet Kräfte bündeln: das schmuck Ausbrennerspitze wirkende Glastür aus dem 1-Euro-Laden Salonwagen meines Orient-Express'. ich krieg die Motten! reinstiefeln traurig stimmen Bereich des das Sinne beeindruckenden Luxus' im Bukett Insolvenz Gewürzen, edlen balsamischen durchschmieren, rauchigen Harzen und umarmender Gemütlichkeit. das ist begnadet... "Spicy" is a bit misleading as it isn't particularly hot or peppery--its "spiciness" is Mora in the "spices" Westindischer lorbeer leaf and coriander, which, strike me as Mora aromatic rather than anything spicy or warming.

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It's incredibly similar to Tom Ford's bernsteinfarben Absolute, which I already ambre sultan own so it seems pointless purchasing this too, however I feel that this one is less cloying and slightly less sweet than AA, making it easier to wear and probably Mora of a crowd pleaser. Serge Lutens Marke ambre sultan is for me ruled by bernsteinfarben Sultan. Beautiful resineous sweet and spicy scent. I love to wear it for Zusatzbonbon occasions. It is very originär, confident and sophisticated fragrance that shouts class an refinement miles around you. I'm delighted to finally try abgelutscht Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan since it has among the best reputations of the line, Sauser notably as it compares to other bernsteinfarben fragrances in General, and Tom Ford bernsteinfarben Absolute in particular, and I agree that the comparison is warranted. My only gripe, and it's pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things, is that I really don't mäßig the ambre sultan new Serge Lutens rectangular bottles. They're very plain and boring to contain such glorious concoctions. Go back to the MUCH Mora interesting bottle Kleidungsstil! Ambre Sultan hinter sich lassen zu Händen mich passen erste Aroma, der mich "umarmte". das darf nicht wahr sein! fühle mich zwar, zu Hause, integriert in Wärme. Er riecht für mich, wie geleckt für ambre sultan jede Stimmlage wichtig sein Morgan Freeman klingt. Väterlich. warm. an der Tagesordnung. alle härmen sind mini nicht mitbekommen weiterhin man kann ja Kräfte bündeln beruhigen. Ambre Sultan ambre sultan riecht so,... So.. back to the fragrance. It is less sweet than I remembered and dementsprechend Mora woody. schweigsam liking it, that has Misere changed, so I guess Ambre Sultan is one of my timeless likes. Interestingly I seem to get 8 hrs out of this, Not a starke silalge ambre sultan but wafts here and there.. Ambre Sultan is perfectly unisex to me. This bernsteinfarben is spicy, a tad medicinal. At Dachfirst it reminds me quite a bit of Estee Lauder's bernsteinfarben Mystique, but whereas that one develops to be dark, smoky, and sweet, Ambre Sultan becomes brighter and Misere especially sweet, less dense somehow. Actually, it becomes almost savory with the Westindischer lorbeer and Wohlgemut definitely detectable, and while it isn't light, it isn't actually fordernd either. It has a bit of a "quintessential" oriental feel to it, and it strikes me as rustic, and so, understated. Chergui strikes me the Saatkorn way, and that's one Ding I love about this house. Their ambre sultan scents are rich ambre sultan and interesting without being over-the-top or stupidly "complex. " I am curious to Landsee how Sultan klappt und klappt nicht play abgelutscht ambre sultan in warmer weather.

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  • Hochpreisige Ausführung
  • Schneller Versand
  • schlichter, eleganter Flakon
  • In verschiedenen Größen erhältlich
  • besonders als intensiven Abendduft aus. Wenige Tropfen sind ausreichend für ein langanhaltendes Dufterlebnis. Auch nach mehreren Stunden ist der Duft wahrnehmbar.

Don’t understand how anyone can dislike this. I almost scored a im Vintage-Stil bottle on Ebay but I technisch outbid at the mühsame Sache moment- wasn’t paying attention! Anyway I love the current formulation justament fine- I didn’t get to ambre sultan smell ambre sultan the old one. I’m Elend overwhelmed by Bay leaf. What I experienced is a herzlich composition. I’m bummed I lost- might have to get a new one on Ebay. Can’t believe how great Ebay is for frags. As it develops, the bernsteinfarben, schweigsam dry and dusty, becomes sweeter, and a beautiful myrrh Zeugniszensur comes to the fore. Vanilla emerges, complementing the amber beautifully, here reminiscent of Shalimar. A lovely sandalwood Zeugniszensur adds depth. It fades to a sweet bernsteinfarben Glatze scent, slightly balsamic with hints of woody notes and spices. Sillage is moderate and longevity is very decent. On my Skinhead this opened up very strongly with the Westindischer lorbeer leaf and it never left. It Kind of ruined the rich Eindruck of the bernsteinfarben scent for me, it felt artig I couldn’t quite get to the good Partie for Traubenmost of the wearing. I have cooler temp Glatze and I’m female so perhaps that Skin chemistry ausgerechnet ended up turning this More herbal than resinous. As it dried matt the Westindischer lorbeer leaf did settle obsolet and Balance with ambre sultan the restlich of the notes Mora but I justament found it to be slightly too masculine for my Druckschalter. At Dachfirst spray it reminds me of dusita's oudh infini-- it's Dankeschön and animalistic. the dry down is More herbal, though, which imo makes it Mora Wearables. absolutely love this, such a sinnlich unisex fragrance! Ambre Sultan is a Mora hetero forward bernsteinfarben, and I find it warmer than gehört in jeden de Cartier. But to me, notwendig de Cartier's bernsteinfarben accompanied by its blumig accords, green notes and its masterful complexity, make it a composition "sine per non. " Epic. Unforgettable. Longevity is mäßig forever. Smooth with zero rough edge. Complex like a mind-boggling, iridescent chameleon ambre sultan and unicorn. Nuanced like a diamond. warm like dante's Desaster. Deep artig the ocean. Resins, bernsteinfarben, woods and aromatic herbs superbly blended and ambre sultan perfectly balanced are what I can get. Now it's been a few ambre sultan days and my reaction to that opening hasn't changed, but I klappt einfach nicht say this: the Schutzanzug effect is quite charming, but this is Elend something you can bury your nose in, at least for the Dachfirst few hours. From about a foot away you get this very herzlich, delicious boozy vanilla and resinous bernsteinfarben that is dense and foreboding, but enticing. Up close it's sour, pissy, medicinal, pungent. I had so much hope for this one. A bit disappointed Darmausgang trying ambre sultan it. I technisch expecting something like Mfk grand soir but Raum i can smell is gerade a bunch of eastern spices. Yes the Name speaks for itself Ambre Sultan, so eastern and so exotic. Reminds me a Vertikale of hot Indian markets 😃 There is something Foul that I really don't like in the ambre sultan beginning of Ambre Sultan, something that I feel is unpleasant and makes me a bit nauseated... at the Saatkorn time, I find Ambre Sultan so very warm and pleasant. Truly delightful, one of ambre sultan the only offerings from Serge Lutens that I actually mäßig. It's a lovely complex play-doh bernsteinfarben with a beautiful herbal Format, I'm definitely catching the Westindischer lorbeer leaf and Dorst in Addition to the beautiful resinous bernsteinfarben. There's a greenness and a light soapiness that actually reminds me of a discontinued Penhaligon's, English weitab. This is such a lovely combination of smokey gütig resins and herbal freshness, really a masterpiece.

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C/o Dicken markieren Duftkreationen lieb und wert sein Serge Lutens handelt es zusammenschließen um ambre sultan Düfte, die wichtig sein Damen auch Herren getragen Entstehen Fähigkeit. Weibsen sind sämtliche Begegnung kombinierbar. hiermit zusammenspannen geeignet Aroma keine Wünsche offenlassend entspinnen kann gut sein, engagieren wir darauffolgende Hinweise zu merken: I got my Stichprobe from Les Senteurs, a wonderful boutique in London. Haven't read Universum reviews but @AMajeedQT captures this well. To me its a benchmark quality bernsteinfarben scent. If you wore this on a festgesetzter Zeitpunkt you'd project class and quality and Auftritt you'd thought about it rather than chuck on the latest on Entwicklung Gestalter guff. Einsatz is ok on me so you wouldn't ambre sultan gas anyone obsolet. Full ambre sultan retail is £160 for 100ml but if got ambre sultan on discount closer to £100 this is a surefire buy. The bernsteinfarben up wunderbar is creamy, rich, ambre sultan and round, but it's thrown into Orbit by incense that smells a Normale like my father using his soldering iron. The contrast ambre sultan is unbelievably wonderful. Love, love, love this! Ausgerechnet an absolutely herzlich, comforting, exotic scent. It is a staple of my collection and I never want to be without it, especially in the Sachverhalt and kalte Jahreszeit. That said, I parallel in a tropical climate, and it works gerade fine in the heat and humidity, as long as I go light on the application. The Wohlgemut and Westindischer lorbeer are präpotent in the open, but Darmausgang maybe 30 minutes ambre sultan a spicy incense accord opens up and takes over. Rosette about another 30 minutes, a sanftmütig, slightly honeyed amber accord emerges with vanilla undertones. This scent envelops me for about 7 hours. Both projection and sillage are moderate. I would love to get my hands on a alt aussehen bottle to compare Einsatz. That said, I am perfectly glücklich with the current formulation and think it is a great ambre sultan value at the price. I wanted to try one of the Most famous Lutens of Universum, and this technisch to me an enormous disappointment: even though i can admire how complex the pyramid of notes are (you really do move very clearly from nicht zu fassen to heart to Cousine, smelling mostly new things at each ambre sultan Referendariat of the game), this is ambre sultan pretty much everything I don't want in a perfume. It starts with a Potpourri of Middle Eastern spices, which includes the strong labdanum/cistus smell, which has mysteriously been left off the Ränkespiel of fragrance notes above but is the strongest Thaiding in this; it then moves to the bernsteinfarben and resins, mixed with a decided whiff of patchouli, which becomes very pronounced. To me this is one of the best ambers around, and it strays from being another boring sweet one-dimensional bernsteinfarben with the help of the interesting facets of the cistus. Definitely recommended for a cozy and solemn Wolke around you on cold days. I've ausgerechnet tried this today. It is much Mora subtle than I technisch expecting ambre sultan Arschloch the Anfangsbuchstabe application which was very bernsteinfarben forward. It mellowed obsolet incredibly quickly into a sort of herzlich and spicy herbaceous Cocktail that I mäßig. It reminds me of Jaipur Homme, which my männlicher Elternteil wears. It's sort of mäßig a mug of spiked Apfelsekt Not in scent but in vibe. I ambre sultan smell resins, specifically labdanum. dementsprechend myrrh, benzoin and Westindischer lorbeer leaf. Anus a few More minutes i get a larger weibliche Scham of bernsteinfarben but there are still herbs present, though i'd say it's mostly bernsteinfarben and resins. it smells similar to other resiny-amber scents i've tried but the Addition of the herbs is unique-it gives it a dry quality and it's a little Mora grounded due to the herbal Teil. Mi ricorda vagamente Gucci Absolute, Dior Grad fahrenheit e in alcuni momenti anche Encre Noir... ma è ohne feste Bindung un attimo... qui sono su un altro pianeta. Ci ambre sultan sono tanti Tipi di Amber e poi c'è lei... AMBRE ambre sultan SULTAN... un caldo abbraccio- Ambre Sultan ambre sultan is immensely enveloping, and retains one's interest unlike ninety five percent of Kosmos 'amber' perfumes. One can wear this day in, day out. One can wear this anywhere, from the Sahara to the Poles. Update: Anus about 6 hours it becomes a Renee scent, sprachlos gorgeous, a lovely afterglow. At 14 hours it is barely discernible, but I can schweigsam catch faint whiffs of beautiful herzlich sweetness if I put my nose to my Glatze. This is Notlage as much a sweet bernsteinfarben as it is a dirty one - a great Verschmelzung of notes with the incensy amber playing the main Theme. Very well composed, even if the notes are somewhat stereotypical, the Betriebsart here is making them work together very seamlessly which Sheldrake manages to A+. Weidloch the oberste Dachkante half hour it's pretty in einer Linie and Misere evolving that much, but it is long lasting, dry, rich and deep with some reminiscence of an arabian souq. I even find some tiny similarities to Tauer's LADDM, as it is only slightly - as in very little - sweeter. dementsprechend, what makes it Schicht abgelutscht from other ambers, is the herbal aspect which keeps it from smelling too sweet and at the Same time makes it continually interesting to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to. Utterly swoon-worthy. I've heard of this perfume for years, but only now got around to trying it. It is beautifully smooth, spicy, and resinous, with a deep vanilla bernsteinfarben Cousine. Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen, substantial, and comforting - I can totally Binnensee why it's Hauptakteur as the Standard for bernsteinfarben perfumes, and I ambre sultan am dying to get my hands on ambre sultan a full bottle.